The Easiest Way to Access WashU Services and Systems

ONE is a portal that gives the WashU community a quick and easy shortcut to university services and systems such as WebSTAC, Canvas, Workday, Box, Outlook, and more from a safe and single source.

Benefits of ONE

  • Eliminate the time spent searching for a URL or through browser bookmarks
  • Connect to over 240 systems and services (known as Tasks) across WashU via keyword search capabilities
  • Customize your experience by favoriting and organizing Tasks
  • Reduce the number of times WUSTL Key users need to verify their identity with two-factor authentication (2FA) via Duo
  • Fully mobile-responsive; access sites and applications from any device

Key Features

  • Available to university students, faculty, staff, guests, and the general public
  • Does not require login with a WUSTL Key for access (Tasks may require login with a WUSTL Key)
  • Available within the WashU Mobile app which is available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Supports the latest versions of all browsers and the prior two versions. Cookies and JavaScript should always be turned on, and the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer may not work with ONE.

Training and Resources

Standard Access

Learn how to access and manage your Tasks in One.


Publisher Access

Publishers are Task owners who can create and edit Tasks and post announcements through them.

To become a publisher,

  1. Complete the “Request Publisher Access” form on ServiceNow.
  2. Complete ONE Publisher Training (Learn@Work) (Course updated 10/13/22!)
  3. Begin publishing!

Publisher Resources

Publisher Guidelines and Task Checklist (PDF)

Publisher User Guide (PDF)


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Does this site bypass WashU two-factor authentication?

No. When accessing password-protected Tasks from ONE outside of the campus network, you will still be required to complete two-factor authentication (2FA) with Duo.

How can I add my own Tasks in ONE?

Yes. Publisher access allow you to create and manage your own Tasks on ONE.

How can I share an announcement on a Task in ONE?

Anyone can request an announcement to be made through a specific Task in ONE by using the ONE Announcement form. However, only Publishers can add the announcement to the Task.

How do Tasks appear in the Most Popular category?

The “Most Popular” category ranks Tasks based on how often they are opened by ONE users. These metrics are typically refreshed after a seven-day period.

Is ONE mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory; however, usage is highly recommended for a smoother, safer, and more customized user experience.

Is there a mobile app for this site?

There is not a specific app for ONE. However, ONE is available within the WashU Mobile app which is available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

When do I need my WUSTL Key?

You will only need your WUSTL Key when you click on a Task that requires it. ONE is accessible to the public and not all Tasks will require log in with a WUSTL Key.

Who manages ONE?

Washington University Information Technology (WashU IT) manages ONE.

Why can’t I find the technology service I’m looking for in ONE?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Anybody can submit a request to create a new Task by filling out the One.WUSTL Task/Task Center Creation form.

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