Our roadmap is a simple representation of what is expected to happen over the course of the plan. Our projects are the deliverables that mobilize our team in order to accomplish our objectives.

We Will Succeed When

People are Engaged and Feel Valued

We represent a culture of excellence and innovation which enables meaningful contributions to the mission of the university. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are foundational to our identity, where each person is a valued contributor to our success. Individuals are engaged with their colleagues across multiple work locations through strong collaborative teams and a broad range of fulfilling opportunities.

Technology is Coordinated, Secure, and Accessible

We deliver a responsive and integrated technology ecosystem which provides reliable services through active and continuous engagement of university leadership and stakeholders. Through governance we define and adopt the appropriate balance of centralized, center-led, and distributed IT. Information Security is embedded into the culture of the university, and everyone has the tools and knowledge to safeguard the university’s systems, data, and reputation.

Technology Enables Excellence in Research, Education, and Patient Care 

We enable excellence through trusted partnerships, consultations, communications, and effective governance. We realize the university’s mission for all stakeholders by delivering innovative and adaptive solutions. The WashU community understands how the IT strategy is aligned with and supports the university’s strategic plan and initiatives.

Value is Demonstrated through Responsible and Transparent Financial Stewardship

University resources are protected and wisely leveraged in line with the expectations of the institution. We articulate and demonstrate value to university leaders and the WashU community, and align investment decisions with the university’s strategic priorities and entrepreneurial initiatives.


FY23-FY27 IT Strategic Plan for WashU

Committed to serving as your trusted, strategic technology partner, WashU IT has developed a plan. Enabled by the university’s mission and emboldened by our own. ImpacT, our strategic plan, informs our next steps across the span of 5 years. We will we strive to deliver secure, innovative, and information-rich solutions with excellence. Inspired by the university’s Here and Next strategic plan, ImpacT captures our current needs, while anticipating our technology future.

FY28-FY30 IT Strategic Plan for WashU

Informed by the steps we are taking today, the next phase of our strategic journey will begin early with proper planning, forethought, and important conversations. We will continue fostering a culture and climate that supports all people, and decision making that is data driven in the vanguard of technological development, as well as financially prudent. 

CyBear Secure 5-year Roadmap

The WashU CyBear Secure Program aims to provide a secure and supportive computing environment for the university community. The mission is to balance the protection of information assets with enabling academic, clinical, and research pursuits. Through collaboration, education, and innovative technology, the program strives to create a culture of responsible information stewardship that benefits the university community while simplifying user experience. 

Network Modernization

The goals of the Network Modernization Project are to significantly increase the campus network capacity and implement enhanced network security capabilities to meet the demands of the campus for the next 10 years.

Workday Human Capital Management and Finance

The implementation of Workday on July 1, 2021 for Human Capital Management, Finance, and Payroll was a key milestone of the MyDay initiative to replace our administrative systems. This was a major project to enhance our back-office suite of products and move us one step closer to being a data-driven organization. In addition to Workday, the team implemented Adaptive Budgeting and Planning on January 1, 2022 to give the University greater insights into our future spend and revenue operational forecasts. Currently the team is in the second phase of the project working to implement Talent/Performance Management, Workday Learning, and Adaptive Strategic planning. Expected delivery for pilots is by January 2024.

Student Sunrise

A once-in-a-generation project that will replace many of the systems that currently support WashU’s academic areas, reimagine operations in the academic and student support space, and over time, improve the student experience. Consolidating many student tools into a single, integrated system will help streamline operations, reduce manual processes, and provide faster, easier reporting for decision making.

Data Management & Analytics Roadmap

The data management and analytics roadmap aims to create a data-driven culture within all levels of the university through rich data collection, easy access, data literacy, and innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The university community can access these data resources from anywhere to make informed decisions to drive a more significant impact in research, education, and patient care at WashU, our region, our nation, and our world.

Re-envision End User Services at WashU

Our strategic plan strives for aspirational stakeholder experiences. We seek to elevate the end user experience for our customers, taking feedback provided through surveys, focus groups, and conversations and applying what we learn to enhance delivery. Now more than ever, IT has the opportunity to innovate, captivate, and motivate. 

Re-envision IT Governance at WashU

The IT Governance project is intended to establish the organizational structures, processes and guidelines to manage technology investments, align the IT portfolio with the University Here and Next strategy, and prioritize projects and programs within the portfolio. The structures, processes and guidelines collaboratively developed in this project will specify how to make technology investment decisions and implement and manage technology changes to ensure effective and efficient use of IT resources to enable and support the university’s strategic priorities. 

Re-envision WashU IT Funding Model

The goal of this project is to develop a foundational cost model that can be leveraged for financial and project reporting against a standard framework called the ATUM Taxonomy. It will increase transparency regarding the cost, consumption and value of WashU IT services through show back reporting to customers. 

WashU IT Culture and Climate Program

The IT EDI will build a framework for progress and a structure of support for EDI, providing opportunities for training and engagement to broaden understanding of EDI, data and tools to facilitate effective constructive dialog around EDI, and concrete action leading to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. 

Research Storage and High Performance Computing Capability Expansion

The goal of Research Storage and High Performance Computing Capability Expansion project is to build central IT infrastructure and services that allow the WashU Researcher to focus on their research instead of acquisition and support of their own IT infrastructure. This multi-year project will design, implement, and support a high-performance computing platform for WashU researchers.

WashU IT and Digital Transformation Collaboration

WashU IT is a collaborative partner supporting digital enhancements, advancing discovery and ground-breaking research, and shining light on the path in the pursuit of knowledge. Technology serves as a force-multiplier driving change and shaping how information touches our lives and inspires future generations. 

Secure Enclave – Sponsored Research Environment for Controlled Unclassified Information

As cybersecurity threats increase in intensity and impact, the Department of Defense (DoD) has created the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) (inclusive of NIST Special Publication 800-171) as a way to verify compliance with the CUI security standards. This certification will ultimately be required for any entity that seeks to contract with the DoD. Through the Washington University in St. Louis Security-Enhanced Environment for Government Research (WUSTL Secure Enclave,) we offer a safe environment for our research and education partners and protect their data.    

Epic Electronic Health Record – WashU and BJC Strategic Roadmap

The Epic Electronic Health Record – WashU and BJC Strategic Roadmap offers a secure platform for the storage of patient medical records, allowing clinicians to access that information from any location across BJC and Washington University in St. Louis. Governed under a joint BJC/WUSM organization structure named Health Information Partners (HIP,) this partnership enhances the clinical experience for patients and providers, offering more seamless delivery of and access to care.  

Neuroscience Research Building Technology Implementation

The Washington University School of Medicine Neuroscience Research building, located at 4370 Duncan Avenue, is a planned state-of-the-art, 609,000 square foot facility that represents a new center of gravity for the campus. This facility will enable the strategic alignment and co-location of the School of Medicine’s nationally recognized program strengths in neuroscience, neurology, and psychiatry through research and its applications to education and clinical practice. WashU IT will partner with the university to implement a world-class technology plan within the facility. 

Ambulatory Cancer Center Building Technology Implementation

The new Ambulatory Cancer Center (ACC) will be a nine-story state-of-the-art cancer building, located at Forest Park and Taylor Avenues. The 657,270-square-foot building will emphasize multi-disciplinary care and enhanced connections between research and clinical care. The programs moving into the building include multi-disciplinary clinics, diagnostic and treatment areas and multi-specialty clinics. We will enable the ultra-high-speed network infrastructure in this new facility, ensuring full support of the mission of our partners in medicine. 

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