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Team At-a-Glance Documents

Team-focused IT at-a-glance documents offering information like an introduction for new IT staff,  quick references about services each team provides, and background about how to request work.


Policies regarding attendance, employment of relatives, mileage reimbursement, travel, and mobile communications.

Staff News

Bridging the Digital Divide: JustUsed Tech Initiative Transforms Old and Unused Gadgets into Agents of Change

In a notable initiative to address the digital divide and environmental sustainability, Titobiloluwa Oreolorun, an MBA candidate at Olin Business School, has recently partnered with the Skandalaris Center to launch JustUsed Tech, a nonprofit organization with a mission to refurbish computers and phones for donation to disadvantaged students in St. Louis and children in Africa […]

Optimizing Healthcare Delivery through IT: Insights into Clinical and Research Information

In this ImpacT video installment, WashU IT highlights how we are streamlining clinical workflows, driving groundbreaking research initiatives, and delivering world class patient information. Optimizing Healthcare Delivery through IT: Insights into Clinical and Research Information explores the world of clinical information, connecting Information Technology to patients at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM). In collaboration […]

Bridging Academia and Industry: DevSTAC’s Interdisciplinary Excellence Shines in their Latest Project, WashU GPT Test Report 

In 2016, the IT Director Dr. Sherry Holmes launched DevSTAC program, an interdisciplinary group of student employees who can be hired to develop and integrate emerging technology to satisfy the client’s needs, in hopes of bridging the gap between the academics in real-life work experience in technology for students. The DevSTAC members found the program […]


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