What’s Happening in EUS: The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team would like to partner with you!

The WashU IT Customer Relationship Management team serves as an advocate for the customer to ensure their needs are conveyed and met. This requires internal coordination. CRM is actively seeking collaboration opportunities and partnerships, directly aligning and supporting our ImpacT guiding principle. We have enjoyed valuable collaborations with Enterprise Applications (EA), Enterprise Engineering (EE), Information […]

Access Management Employee Spotlight: Trent Miller – System Access Specialist

Trent Miller is the newest member of the Access Management team.  Trent has a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Web Design from Butler University.  He also brings 4 years of IT support experience and a great deal of enthusiasm to his role.  In his short time with the Access Management team, Trent […]

Learn more about tuition assistance for WashU IT Employees

As a WashU employee, you might be eligible to take advantage of university tuition assistance. Regular full-time employees who have met qualifying service requirements are eligible for university assistance covering 100% of part-time, evening undergraduate program tuition costs and 50% of part-time, evening graduate program tuition costs for courses offered through the university.  Learn more […]

CIO Update: Minton provides AI update

As we begin a new academic year, there is an energy and excitement in the air. Each year presents new opportunities, and this is no exception. As fall semester gets under way, there are new advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) that are transforming many aspects of our society. Recently, we released statements about the […]

Learn@Work Compliance Profile

The Learn@Work Compliance Profile, a survey that assigns required job safety and research compliance training, will be updated in September 2023. The new version will provide an updated look and feel, help text, and a streamlined way to answer questions. Release of the new Compliance Profile will be announced on the Learn@Work Home Page.  WashU […]

Access a resource to explain commonly used WashU IT acronyms

Whether you have been in WashU IT for 10 days or 10 years, sometimes there is confusion concerning the use of acronyms and terms. A new Knowledge Base article through ServiceNow provides a quick reference to some commonly used acronyms and what they stand for.  This tool can serve as a valuable resource, whether you are […]

Check out the latest on Generative AI 

With recent discussions surrounding the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in all areas of life, WashU IT recently launched a new webpage dedicated to providing valuable resources on this timely topic. Check out terms and definitions, guidance on proper, safe use, valuable resources, contact information for questions, and more.  Through this webpage you can enhance your […]

OCIO Joint Message on the use of generative AI from CISO Chris Shull and CTO Greg Hart 

Dear Members of the WashU Community,   There has been so much discussion recently surrounding the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is AI capable of producing content such as text, images, music, videos, code, or other media based on commands or prompts. Examples of such AI tools include Machine Learning (ML) and Large Language Models […]

Message from the CISO: Introducing the WashU CyBear Secure Program

The day has finally come, and the Information Security Roadmap Team and I are proud to present the new name from our 5-Year Roadmap naming contest. The name of our roadmap program will be WashU CyBear Secure Program: Protect & Empower. We would like to thank everyone for their assistance toward this initiative. I would […]