Bridging the Digital Divide: JustUsed Tech Initiative Transforms Old and Unused Gadgets into Agents of Change

In a notable initiative to address the digital divide and environmental sustainability, Titobiloluwa Oreolorun, an MBA candidate at Olin Business School, has recently partnered with the Skandalaris Center to launch JustUsed Tech, a nonprofit organization with a mission to refurbish computers and phones for donation to disadvantaged students in St. Louis and children in Africa […]

Optimizing Healthcare Delivery through IT: Insights into Clinical and Research Information

In this ImpacT video installment, WashU IT highlights how we are streamlining clinical workflows, driving groundbreaking research initiatives, and delivering world class patient information. Optimizing Healthcare Delivery through IT: Insights into Clinical and Research Information explores the world of clinical information, connecting Information Technology to patients at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM). In collaboration […]

Bridging Academia and Industry: DevSTAC’s Interdisciplinary Excellence Shines in their Latest Project, WashU GPT Test Report 

In 2016, the IT Director Dr. Sherry Holmes launched DevSTAC program, an interdisciplinary group of student employees who can be hired to develop and integrate emerging technology to satisfy the client’s needs, in hopes of bridging the gap between the academics in real-life work experience in technology for students. The DevSTAC members found the program […]

Classic Microsoft Teams available until March 5th, 2024

Microsoft is retiring the current Legacy “Classic” Teams Experience. As of Tuesday, February 6th, the New Microsoft Teams (Teams 2.0) is now the default experience for Washington University users.  No action is needed for users already using New Microsoft Teams (Teams 2.0). ​​​​For WashU users who are currently using Classic Teams, users will need to restart their computer to initiate the change from […]

Message from the CIO: Thank you for helping create a welcoming culture 

Last month we announced there would be a focus group established to evaluate how we can enhance our employee engagement efforts. Sparck, the third-party vendor contracted to conduct our employee engagement survey last fall, facilitated this important conversation with a small group of WashU IT employees.  I am pleased to share that the #BeHeard Conversation […]

Message from the CIO: The path to achieving FY24 Goals 

Now that the new year is in full swing, I’d like to take this opportunity to share  the progress we are making on the achievement of our FY24 goals . We will continue updating the FY24 progress document to reflect our ongoing status.  Guided by the success statements outlined in ImpacT, our IT Strategic Plan, we are […]

Enterprise Applications (EA): Changes coming to BadgeMaster in Spring of 2024!

Badgemaster is being refactored in 2024 as part of the Student Sunrise project to change source of student data. It is an IT system used by the Danforth Card Office to manage student photos and create Danforth ID card. Other systems that processes card swipes or consume student photos likely receive data from Badgemaster and […]

Student Tech Services (STS): Meet The STS Student Techs – Gabbi Arguello

Name: Gabbi Arguello Grade: Freshman Major: Computer Science Major + Finance Major Position at STS: SP24 Hitzeman, Hurd & Meyers STC – (FA24/SP25 Eliot STC) What made you want to work at STS?  I’ve had my fair share of computer problems, so developing the skills to fix technical issues sounded like an exciting opportunity. Additionally, […]

New WashU IT Chief of Staff Melinda Schmidt starts February 26th

Effective Monday, February 26th, Melinda Schmidt will join WashU IT as the new Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff to CIO Jessie Minton. Schmidt will assume the role currently held by Russell Sharp who is retiring in the coming months after 5 years of service. Sharp will help ease Schmidt’s transition over the next […]