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ONE.WUSTL Has New User Interface

WashU IT has launched a new user interface for the ONE.WUSTL single-sign-on portal. With more than 250 tasks available, the portal gives the WashU community a quick and easy shortcut to services and systems such as WebSTAC, Canvas, Workday, Box, Outlook, and more from a single source, eliminating the time spent searching through browser bookmarks or attempting to locate a URL.

Another advantage of accessing services through ONE is that it reduces the number of times WUSTL Key users need to verify their identity with WashU 2FA via Duo. In addition, users can customize the portal to fit their needs and interests by marking tasks as favorites and creating collections of related tasks.

ONE.WUSTL is not browser or device-dependent, facilitating access from anywhere at any time. The portal is mobile-responsive and can be accessed at or through the WashU mobile app available on GooglePlay or the Apple App Store.

ONE.WUSTL is a university wide initiative in response to WashU’s commitment to maintaining an active partnership with students, faculty, staff, the academic divisions, and community members to create a fully integrated student educational experience. To learn more about the portal, visit