Program Status: In Progress

Program/Project Manager: Randy Gadell, rgadell@wustl.edu

Project Goals and Objectives

To build central IT infrastructure and services that allow the WashU Researcher to focus on their research instead of acquisition and support of their own IT infrastructure. This multi-year program will have a portfolio of advanced IT projects designed to support and attract researchers, and put Washington University in a more competitive position to qualify for research funding.

Program Scope
  • Transition research IT personnel into a new research IT focused group (RIS) to develop, design, implement, and support the advanced IT infrastructure in a platform-as-a-service model.
  • Develop High-performance data storage services
  • Develop HPC High-performance computing services
  • Integrate storage services and compute services with research web services
  • Develop software support services for common research community applications
  • Provide design services for systems and workflow
  • Educate WashU staff on the availability and use of the RIS services.
  • To identify and continually evolve IT services for WashU researchers
MilestonesCompletion Date
Establish the IRIS (IT Research Infrastructure Services) ProgramMarch 2017
Establish RIS (Research Infrastructure Services) TeamJuly 2017
Research Data Storage Services Project 5TB, High-PerformanceAvailable Now
Research IT Service CatalogIn Progress
Research Community Applications Support Services RedHat, MATLAB, etc.Available Now
Research Storage Services Phase 2
Globus, Collaboration, etc.
In Progress
Research LabArchives
Electronic Lab Notebook
Available Now
Research Compute Services Project
Scientific Super Computing
Winter 2019
Core Team
Team MemberTitleRole
James Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.Professor of NeuroscienceChair of Infrastructure and Applications Subcommittee
Randy GadellProgram ManagerProgram / Project Manager
Craig PohlSenior Director, RISTechnical Lead