Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – August 2022

Submitted by David Sterling Team Accomplishment Impact SIEE WordPress migration to cloud preparations are underway including substantive discussions among MarComm & MedPA and Pantheon The project is now underway and will allow Marcomm & MedPA to move WordPress sites to cloud provider SIEE Completed rollout of preferred last name automatic use as last name field […]

Data Management announces WebFOCUS Retirement

The university’s WebFocus reporting servers will be taken offline on November 15, 2022. If you need to preserve your Legacy WebFocus reports, we encourage you to save them as PDFs and/or Excel files. To learn more about Data Warehouse training and reporting services, please visit the Cognos Reporting page.  Additional Information: As of July 2021, HRMS […]

What’s happening in EUS: A New Beginning for the WashU IT Service Desk

Submitted by Lisa Jordan The WashU IT Service Desk has some exciting news to share! We have added some new leadership and new roles to our organization. We are excited to start a new hybrid work model Organizational Changes: Operations Supervisors:  The Service Desk now has two supervisors who will be over-seeing the day-to-day work […]

What’s happening in EUS: Journey through the WashU IT Quality Assurance (QA) Lab

As soon as you walk through the front door at 4480 Clayton, you are in a spacious, bright corridor diffused with light from the skylight above. Follow the corridor of the original section of the building to the newer section, and then keep going almost to the back of the building. Here, you will find […]

What’s Happening in EUS- A Walk Through the EUS QA Test Process

Submitted by Diane Gentile The Quality Assurance (QA) team in End User Services recently completed testing an updated Task Sequence (2.0) for imaging. Task Sequence 2.0 will be used by the Depot and Deskside support techs. The QA team tests most technologies that are developed by Desktop Engineering, and over the years, we have become […]