May 17: Maestro user access removal  

As part of the Maestro retirement, Maestro user access will be removed on May 17th, 2024. Please transition to Emma or another application for mass emailing prior to May 17. Visit the  Mass Emailing page  for more information.  Have questions? Submit a ServiceNow ticket  and include  Attention: Enabling Applications in your request.  We appreciate your patience as we […]

Our future is shaped by our past: Recognizing years of service 

Several employees marked anniversaries this month. Whether celebrating 1 year or 25, WashU IT employees are devoted to the success of the institution and their colleagues, and delivering a superior customer experience.  Congratulations to those celebrating milestone work anniversaries, and thank you for all you do to support ImpacT, our IT Strategic Plan, each other, […]

May 1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training launched

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training that was mentioned in the April 16 Tuesday Tech Newsletter launched on May 1. The training is designed to equip IT support staff with the necessary skills to effectively assess and enhance customer satisfaction. The CRM training is an interactive session that includes: Required annually for End User Services […]

Strengthening Customer Support: WashU IT CRM Team

The WashU IT Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team provides exceptional customer support by building strong relationships and facilitating effective communication. “We are your partners in ensuring that your needs are met, and your feedback is heard. Our role is to act as the bridge between you and IT, advocating for your concerns and working to […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training Launching in May

An upcoming training opportunity to enhance our collective efforts in providing exceptional service will launch in May. The training module, Achieving Service Excellence – The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Component is designed to equip IT support staff with the necessary skills to assess and enhance customer satisfaction effectively. What to Expect The CRM training is […]

March IT All Hands recording and materials now available

The meeting recording and the presentation materials from the March IT All Hands meeting are now available for review. If you were unable to attend last month’s meeting, or if you just want a recap, please explore the materials from the last meeting, or any of the past meetings from the last several years.

Unlocking Success: The Story Behind our Mass Emailing Makeover

The Emma Product Replacement for ListServ Maestro project was created to replace the aging ListServ and ListServ Maestro applications and associated hardware. These common good applications enable mass emailing functionality for various populations across the university.  The introduction of Emma to Groups 1, 2 and 3 has been met with enthusiastic reception, leading the team to accelerate […]

Public university directory being phased out

The Washington University in St. Louis online directory, which includes faculty, staff and student names, phone numbers and email addresses, is being phased out.  University leaders decided to remove the directory to protect WashU community members’ privacy and security, helping to prevent cold calls, phishing campaigns and other data security threats.  The online directory will […]

Empowering Users: Understanding WashU IT End User Services

End User Services serve as the backbone of the WashU IT infrastructure, empowering the university community to focus on their core tasks by understanding, anticipating, and responding to their technological needs. Join Rick Herman, Executive Director End User Services, Michelle Stirnemann, Director End User Services, Thomas Walker, Senior Customer Relationship Manager, and Nancy Webb, Senior […]

Meet Your End User Services (EUS) Team: Carissa Braddy & Nick Lowre – Operation Supervisors – WashU IT Service Desk  

These dedicated professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every member of our organization has a seamless and efficient experience with our technology and support systems. From troubleshooting technical issues to providing valuable guidance on software and hardware usage, our End User Services team is here to support you every step of the […]