What’s Happening in EUS: The Service Desk focuses on Foundational Excellence

Submitted by Lisa Jordan With the goal of enhancing the customer experience, the WashU IT Service Desk team is focused on sharpening foundational skills within ticketing, phone calls, teamwork, and communication. What we are doing: ServiceNow – ensure consistent ticketing and trusted outcomes with the use of ticket templates, using the action / outcome format […]

ONE.WUSTL Has New User Interface

WashU IT has launched a new user interface for the ONE.WUSTL single-sign-on portal. With more than 250 tasks available, the portal gives the WashU community a quick and easy shortcut to services and systems such as WebSTAC, Canvas, Workday, Box, Outlook, and more from a single source, eliminating the time spent searching through browser bookmarks or attempting to […]

At-a-Glance Team Documents

Additional team-focused IT at-a-glance documents are here. They’re an introduction for new and existing IT staff who want to learn about WashU IT,  quick references about services each team provides, background about how to request work, information about team leadership, and how to view active work different teams have on their docket.   This content will […]

ONE.WUSTL Webinar: A New Way to Experience WashU Services and Systems

Submitted by Tahnee Alves Ayala Pereira WashU IT is launching a new user interface for ONE.WUSTL, a portal that gives the university community a quick and easy shortcut to access hundreds of services and systems. Join the WashU IT OCM team for a “ONE.WUSTL: Search, Click, Done!” webinar session this September and find out how […]

What’s Happening in EUS: New Machine Model Testing in WashU IT Quality Assurance

As technology advances, older computer models are no longer produced and replaced by newer models featuring new technology. There is a need for End User Services, specifically The WashU IT Depot, to update the computers and docks it offers based on the new models offered by Dell and Apple. Before the Depot adds the new […]

Meet the WashU IT Team: September 2022

WashU IT has added some new faces around the office! As the department grows and expands, “Meet the WashU IT Team” will be an ongoing monthly feature.  August 2022 Leanne Carver – Business Analyst IV Alyssa Todd – Business Analyst III Jody Kovachevich – Business Analyst III Gunnar Smith – Applications Developer I Melinda Nadler […]

Training Available: Achieving Service Excellence – The Service Level Agreement (SLA) Component

In support of our promise of service excellence to our customers, WashU IT End User Services (EUS) has launched Achieving Service Excellence – The SLA Component web-based training in Learn@Work. The training is required annually of EUS staff; however, staff with WUSM ITSS and other WashU IT groups are welcome to complete the training. WUIT – […]

Hibernate, Sleep, or Shut Down. What Should I Use?

Should I hibernate, sleep, or shut down my computer? Whether you are concerned about efficiency, your device’s health, or energy consumption, this is something most of us have wondered before. Perhaps you have even consulted with multiple professionals and received mixed feedback on what is best. While each of these power-down options appears to shut […]

WashU IT: Employee Promotion List (2022)

Join WashU IT in celebrating many of the staff accomplishments this year. View the list below to see promotions in your area since January 1st, 2022. January 2022 Bill Corcoran – Systems Engineer IIIKeith Dandurand – Systems Engineer IIIDavid Leisure – Director Technical ServicesShin Leong – Infrastructure ArchitectKevin Lin – Applications Developer IICatherine Morie – […]

Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – August 2022

Submitted by David Sterling Team Accomplishment Impact SIEE WordPress migration to cloud preparations are underway including substantive discussions among MarComm & MedPA and Pantheon The project is now underway and will allow Marcomm & MedPA to move WordPress sites to cloud provider SIEE Completed rollout of preferred last name automatic use as last name field […]