Service Announcement: 10-Digit Local Dialing for the Missouri 314 Area Code

Submitted by Ann Hogan Ten-digit local dialing will soon be required for all calls in the 314 area code. The Danforth campus phone system already supports ten-digit local dialing. Five-digit dialing will remain in effect for internal calls on the Danforth campus phone system. The Federal Communications Commission has approved using 988 as the three-digit […]

DocuSign Advances WashU Campuses with #1 eSignature Solution

Does your department or group use written agreements that require ink-on-paper signatures with a printing, faxing, scanning, and emailing process? Washington University in Saint Louis uses DocuSign to automate and manage documents that require signatures. With DocuSign, faculty, staff, and students at WashU can easily collect eSignatures on documents sent to collaborators and colleagues on […]

Shared IT Services Transforms WashU Campuses in 2021

The Shared Information Technology Services (SITS) Program was designed to rebalance the Information Technology (IT) delivery model at Washington University in St. Louis by establishing a shared infrastructure and end-user computing platform that enables seamless sharing of information and positions the University for strategic advancement. In January 2015, the Shared IT Services Program launched with […]

Current COVID-19 Mask Policy: Masks Required Indoors

Due to rising cases of COVID-19, on July 26, 2021, the university reinstated its indoor mask requirement, in accordance with the city and county mandates that went into effect on the same day. Masks are required at indoor gatherings for everyone, regardless of vaccination status or the size of a meeting or gathering.  Masks are not required for those working […]

Gartner Campus Access

Gartner logo

Washington University Information Technology is pleased to announce that Gartner research and webinars are now available to all current students, faculty and staff. Log in with your WUSTL Key to access Gartner resources and search for topics you are interested in. Gartner is a research and advisory company that provides insights (articles, webinars, etc.) on the […]

Computer Equipment Fulfillment Delays

Orders are experiencing delays due to global supply chain issues, a high volume of Depot requests, and Depot storage being at capacity. It is recommended that departments take into account what technology is available for use now and plan accordingly, as future orders may experience new delays. In Stock items may take 3-4 weeks to […]

New Email Address for Service Communications –

Washington University Information Technology will begin using the email address for all planned and unplanned service communications this week, starting May 17. This new email address will alleviate, the previously used address, from handling automatic replies, such as Out of Office replies, generated from service communication delivery. Recipients who intentionally reply will still […]

Confused About Where to Get Software?

Submitted by Adam Wylie We have compiled the various methods for acquiring software, based on your role at the university, into a single location: If you know of additional software resources not currently listed in these webpages, please contact These software webpages can also be found in the main menu of the WashU […]

Shared IT Services: A Year in Review

The Shared IT Services (SITS) program continues to move forward. Unit migrations to SITS remain a top priority of the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of IT at Washington University in St. Louis. Amidst the changing environment and operations throughout the year, SITS has adapted its approach to move forward with […]

DocuSign PowerForms

Submitted by Brian Lawton DocuSign PowerForms eliminates the need for downloading forms, empowering customers to submit them online. On November 20th the WashU IT DocuSign team rolled out the self-service PowerForms component of DocuSign. The PowerForms component was a planned addition as part of the DocuSign go live that happened in June.  PowerForms can be utilized by any […]