Employee learning management system (LMS) to transition to Workday Learning

Recently, WashU leadership approved a full transition to Workday Learning, leveraging existing technology that can assign, access and track training, by June 2026. Currently, WashU uses Learn@Work as the primary learning management system. Over the next 2 years, content will be transferred in phases to Workday Learning. This new LMS will improve the employee experience […]

Check out some lesser-known perks of being a WashU employee

Whether you are seeking information about long-term care or counseling options, or searching for discounts on tickets and services, check out the wealth of resources and perks that are available for employees through WashU HR. Get tickets to upcoming events, take advantage of transportation options, explore dining choices on and around campus, and so much […]

Wrapping up a successful year: Final report on FY24 goals 

The WashU IT Senior Leadership Team delivered an exciting update on FY24 goals, wrapping up a successful year of making a powerful impact through the important work being done in support of the university’s Here and Next and the IT ImpacT Strategic Plans.  Check out the final report on FY24 Goals.

Check out the June IT All Hands recording and materials 

Explore the recording and materials from the June IT All Hands meeting. Watch as the Senior Leadership Team, led by WashU IT CIO Jessie Minton, recap FY24 goals. Hear about professional development opportunities through the WashU McKelvey School of Engineering. Learn more about WashU IT’s apprentice program and gain insights from a presentation on behalf […]

St. Louis City Tax Exemption news to know 

WashU’s Finance Department is offering some guidance on a recent St. Louis City Tax Exemption change. Remote work refund claims may be filed by eligible employees for years 2020-2023. The City of St. Louis announced it will refund earnings taxes paid for remote work by nonresidents if employees file forms for each year of eligibility.  […]

Seeking more 2024 ImpacT nominations now through November 1st

The first round of 2024 ImpacT awardees was announced during the June IT All Hands meeting. But it’s not too late to nominate a “Person of ImpacT” on your team.  We are seeking nominations now through November 1st for individuals who personifies the IT Strategic Plan, ImpacT, and have a significant and positive influence on […]

Congratulations to WashU IT employees with work anniversaries 

Several WashU IT employees are celebrating work anniversaries in the month of June.  Celebrating 1 year Samuel Baalman,  Network Engineer II​  Ayush Chaturvedi,  HPC Research Facilitator III​  Rob Dowell,  Desktop Engineer II​  Darci Kardell,  Computer Assembly and Logistics Assistant​  Christian Lawrence, Technical Support Specialist I​  Pete Nowikow,  Information Security Analyst III​  Hayden Patterson,  Application Support Specialist I​  Matthew Reid,  […]

Welcome new WashU IT contractors and employees 

In May, WashU IT welcomed some new contractors and employees to our amazing teams of professionals. Welcome to our new contractors Steven Force, Technical Support Specialist I  Ruma Ikram, Application Developer IV  Dan Omer, Application Developer IV  Hayden Smith, Technical Support Specialist I  Timothy Smith, Network Systems Analyst  Welcome to our new employees Nicole Bedwell, […]

Congratulations to WashU’s recent group of MOR graduates 

A group of 37 IT professionals recently completed a 10-month professional and personal development program through the MOR Leaders Program.   The objectives of this leadership program are:  The program is designed to encompass four tracks to include individual development; applied learning; a leadership community, and workshops.  A list of recent graduates within IT at WashU […]