WashU IT Support

Our expert staff consists of trained Information Technology personnel and competent student technicians. If we cannot answer your question, we will route you to the appropriate department or person.

phone: (314) 933-3333 | email: ithelp@wustl.edu | web: ServiceNow

What Happens When You Contact IT for Support

WUSM IT Support Services

Specialized IT services for the School of Medicine.

Additional IT support

WashU IT WUSM Link Tech Bar

A convenient, walk-up IT support desk that you can access on your way to Medical Campus locations in the pedestrian link. The tech bar is open to all with no appointment needed. You can reach the walk-up IT support desk by calling WashU IT Support at (314) 933-3333.

Local IT Support

Patient Billing Services

Departments Supported: Allscripts Enterprise and GE IDX
You can reach PBS IS Help Desk by calling (314) 273-0909.

Radiation Oncology

Departments Supported: Radiation Oncology
You can reach Radiation Oncology Help Desk by calling (314) 362-9740.


Departments Supported: Radiology
You can reach Radiology Help Desk by calling (314) 362-8475.

School of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Sciences Computing provides flexible technology facilities and services to A&S faculty, staff, and students. You can reach technology support at (314) 935-8077.