HRMS, AIS, and WebFOCUS systems have been retired.

Users no longer have access to HRMS, AIS, and WebFOCUS.

We strongly encourage you to view a demo recording for how to access these reports if you have not already done so. Thank you to those of you who have already attended demos and are now using Cognos to continue their work.

All data has been retained as follows:

Cognos (Data Warehouse) Self-Service

Cognos (Data Warehouse) contains historical data that is currently accessed from HRMS, AIS and WebFocus systems and includes the following tools:

  • Canned Reports
  • Data Packages for Cognos report writers
  • New AIS Cognos reports to replace inquiry screens
Data Archive
  • A complete backup of legacy data for retention and compliance purposes will be retained, in addition to the modeled data in Cognos.
  • Requests to access the Data Archive, primarily for regulatory and compliance purposes, will be submitted to Data Management and fulfilled by Enterprise Applications on a case-by-case basis.
Document Archive
  • HRMS and AIS electronic images have been migrated to a cloud repository.
  • Information on how to request these documents is in the FAQ below.

Cognos Demos

Recorded HRMS and AIS demos are provided via Learn@Work and can be viewed at any time. These demos show  previous HRMS, AIS, and WebFocus inquiry users  how to access, download, and share reports using Cognos. Again, we encourage you to view these demos if you have not already done so.

For how to request access, see the FAQ below.

Cognos Training

Cognos training is available online for previous HRMS, AIS and/or WebFocus system users. Face-to-face training is available on request.

FAQs and Tips

How do I request legacy AIS electronic images?

To request legacy financial electronic images, such as invoices, check requests, and travel reports, contact FINImageRequest@email.wustl.eduand include the following information for each image requested: 

  • Name (as listed on the invoice, check request, travel report, etc.) 
  • Date 
  • Amount (in $) 
  • Document # (Invoice #, CR#, TR#, etc.) 
  • Image Index Number 
How do I request legacy HRMS electronic images?

If you or a member of your team needs access to any of the following electronic images from HRMS, contact HR Operations at

Benefits Information 

  • Benefits Summary 
  • Flexible Spending Accounts 
  • Health Care Summary 
  • Retirement Savings Summary 

Faculty Data 

  • Faculty Titles and Salary 

Payroll and Compensation 

  • PDF W-2/W-2C Forms 
  • Paycheck Information 

Personal Information 

  • I-9 Form 
  • Education 
  • Licenses and Certifications 
  • Personal Information Summary 

Time Reporting 

  • Leave Balances 
  • Payable Time Detail 

If you receive a subpoena or credentialing request, submit your deadline and requested information to HR Operations at If including other recipients in the email (To: line), ensure HR Operations is the first email address listed. 

Where can I get help with Cognos reporting?
How do I get access to Cognos for legacy reports?

You may request access to Cognos from Data Management here.

How do I request legacy data that is not available via Cognos reports?

Please email with your request.

Please contact us with questions or concerns.