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OCIO ImpacT Spotlight: New video highlights IT ImpacT efforts 

WashU IT’s Strategic Plan, ImpacT, aims to enhance decision-making by leveraging data through literacy, analytics, quality, and accessibility. Over four years, we’ll advance technology to boost WashU’s competitive edge and transform how we teach, learn, and innovate.  

Russell Sharp and Amy Walter from the Office of the Chief Information Officer present Innovate & Secure: The ImpacT Advantage for Researchers and explain how ImpacT provides researchers with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that enable services, empower collaboration, and facilitate all aspects of research while protecting access to data and intellectual property at Washington University in St. Louis. 

From building world-class technologies, dedicated research centers, and innovation hubs, to investing in end-user services, information security, and research systems, the Information Technology team at WashU has been tirelessly working