WashU Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA Example

Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise. They can often be stolen, guessed, hacked or phished – even without you knowing.

WashU 2FA—a two-factor (or two-step) authentication service provided by Duo, an industry leader in cybersecurity services—adds a second layer of security to your WUSTL Key account when accessing the many WashU systems, which contain sensitive personal information. By verifying your identity through the use of a second device, hackers and identity thieves are prevented from logging in these systems, even if they know your WUSTL Key ID and password and you’ll be alerted immediately if someone tries to log in using your credentials.

WashU 2FA

WashU 2FA extends protection to most WUSTL Key enabled sites, allowing users to opt-in to two-factor authentication.

Below are a few examples of these supported sites:

  • One.wustl.edu
  • Office 365 Outlook Web App (email on the web)
  • Canvas
  • Learn@Work

When must I use WashU 2FA?

Students, faculty and staff must use 2FA when not on a WashU network. This is needed to further reduce the impact of phishing and other malicious campaigns which are engineered to steal user’s personal and sensitive information. Users may also opt-in to always use 2FA, even when on WashU networks.

WashU 2FA Support & Questions

Please contact the WashU IT Service Desk at 314-933-3333.