Our vision describes the achievable future of our organization and where IT is headed. Our aspirational stakeholder experiences reflect how we want our stakeholders to be affected by our actions.

Our Vision

We will:

  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming culture which promotes recruitment and retention of a diverse team of IT experts.
  • Be forward thinking, anticipating the technology future, which enables and encourages innovation.
  • Deliver customer-centric service.
  • Provide common, robust, agile, secure, information technology across the institution.
  • Manage IT services and strategy through intentional and transparent governance.
  • Have a purposeful service and funding model which provides center-led core, differentiated, and a foundation for mission unique services.
  • Provide service management leadership for technology.

Aspirational Stakeholder Experiences

Teaching Faculty

Faculty leverage standard and emerging technologies to enable innovation, collaboration, teaching, and learning. We deliver reliable and responsive services, integrated data, and context-based support with excellence. Faculty are met where they are with a consistent experience, regardless of location. 


Researchers have strategic technology partners who advise and support them through enabling services, empowering collaborations, and facilitating all aspects of research. We deliver a competitive edge through technology to advance the discovery and pursuit of knowledge, while protecting data and intellectual property with layered security.


Clinicians focus on caring for patients and their families, and our technology solutions contribute to the best outcomes. They perform their work seamlessly across multiple locations and leverage highly available IT resources required for their teaching, research, and patient care. Clinicians know how to access integrated data, tools, and support on demand to enable efficient and effective encounters.


All students have access to technology that contributes to their academic success and fosters their pursuit of knowledge, a sense of community, and collaboration regardless of location. Modern, secure, mobile-compatible technologies are tailored to the needs of a diverse student population, supporting holistic growth, leadership, and thought.


Staff trust technology to guide, enhance, and inform their contribution to the mission and success of the university. We understand their needs and deliver solutions and services to amplify those contributions. Staff have easy and timely access to data and technology resources, enabling informed  decision-making. University leadership understands and engages with data and technology governance, including associated investment and funding cycle processes.


Patients benefit from state-of-the-art clinical technologies which continually advance the standard of care. They are able to own, share, and learn from the information exchanged about their health through positive technology experiences. Whether remote or on-site, patients and their advocates support their well-being through our accessible and secure services. 

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