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Foundational services that support the operation and management of the enterprise IT environment. Includes data center and cloud services, database management, network and connectivity management, and server and storage management.

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Cloud, Servers, & Databases – Cloud computing, server, hosting, database, and data center services


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Line Activation & Cable Installations
Installation and repair of voice, data, fiber optic, and cable TV lines.

Cloud Computing
Provides access to, and management of, a range of cloud computing technologies.

Data Center Hosting
Customer-managed servers and storage environments in WashU IT data centers.

Managed Database
Managed database hosting in shared or dedicated environments.

Network Connectivity
The university’s network, including wired, wireless, internet, and Internet 2 access.

Washington University Research Network (WURN)
The WURN is positioned to enhance the university’s cyber infrastructure by creating a campus-wide high-speed research network that increases access to and enables the transport, analysis, and dissemination of large volume, big data within and beyond the university.