Our values are foundational in everything we do, and define who we are and aspire to be. Our guiding principles are the moral values that set the standard of behavior and develop our culture.

Our Values


  • Are empowered by knowledge
  • Are responsible stewards of resources
  • Recognize customer perception is reality
  • Recognize each other’s contributions and celebrate our successes
  • Act as trusted advisors to the campus
  • Are kind to each other and assume positive intent
  • Listen and seek to understand
  • Take ownership, keep our promises and commitments, and hold ourselves and each other accountable
  • Value feedback as a gift, and offer and accept authentic and constructive feedback
  • Seek partnership and collaboration

Guiding Principles

Focus on Mission

Understand, value, and serve the needs of our students, our patients, and the people who teach, conduct research, provide patient care, and support the operations of the university.

Align with Strategy

Guide investments and resource utilization which are consistent with WashU “Here and Next” and other strategic initiatives of the university. Communicate transparently and engage continuously with our stakeholders to encourage strong coordination and planning of IT priorities.

Advance Knowledge and Skills

Continuously invest in our community to promote and enable learning through training, education and professional development opportunities. Embrace change management to prepare for emerging university needs.

Design Intentional Solutions

Design cost-effective solutions that scale and support innovation using industry standard tools and integrations, favoring buy over build and cloud over on premise. We will consider the university needs, and total cost of ownership, adapting to unique circumstances as required.

Create a Data-Driven Culture

Transform the culture so the WashU community expects easily accessible data for decision making.  Equip the community to leverage data through data literacy, analytics, quality, and accessibility.

Deliver Excellence in Customer Experience

Provide technology guidance, support, and consulting by partnering with customers to deliver value. Build trust through transparency and accountability, confirming expectations, and delivering on commitments.

Commit to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Foster an environment which celebrates diversity and reflects the world and its make-up. Become an equitable and inclusive organization where we all feel valued, respected, and part of a welcoming culture. Motivate everyone to reach their full potential by bringing their whole selves to work.

Simplify Information Security

Develop a culture of information security awareness, in which people understand and are empowered to protect themselves and WashU from cyber risks and threats. Strong information security is a strategic advantage for the university by providing solutions that balance security, compliance, and simplicity.

Integrated IT

Build a cohesive and coordinated IT community throughout the university, guided by common principles, with central-leadership, and a balance of center-led and distributed capabilities. WashU IT provides enterprise scale services, while enabling space and support for unique IT solutions.

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