Learning with DocuSign: PowerForms

Washington University in St. Louis is using DocuSign to transform its digital environment and eSignature space. DocuSign streamlines our processes, streamlines our workflows, and provides connectivity across campuses. In the last edition of “Learning with DocuSign,” we discussed Voiding Envelopes. The focus of this installation will be on how WashU uses PowerForms in DocuSign.  PowerForms […]

Introducing the IT Organizational Change Management (OCM) Team

The Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) at Washington University in St. Louis is improving customer support. The Performance Support and Communications team has reorganized and rebranded as the IT Organizational Change Management Team (OCM). The Team’s mission is to support the people side of change within the organization. As a part of this initiative, […]

Learning with DocuSign: Voiding Envelopes

Voiding Envelopes in DocuSign DocuSign is helping Washington University transform its digital environment and eSignature space. We use DocuSign to streamline our processes, streamline our workflows, and connect across campuses. DocuSign eSignatures are not always completed, so we may need to void (cancel) an envelope and send a new one. By voiding an envelope, the […]

DocuSign Advances WashU Campuses with #1 eSignature Solution

Does your department or group use written agreements that require ink-on-paper signatures with a printing, faxing, scanning, and emailing process? Washington University in Saint Louis uses DocuSign to automate and manage documents that require signatures. With DocuSign, faculty, staff, and students at WashU can easily collect eSignatures on documents sent to collaborators and colleagues on […]

Shared IT Services Transforms WashU Campuses in 2021

The Shared Information Technology Services (SITS) Program was designed to rebalance the Information Technology (IT) delivery model at Washington University in St. Louis by establishing a shared infrastructure and end-user computing platform that enables seamless sharing of information and positions the University for strategic advancement. In January 2015, the Shared IT Services Program launched with […]

Password Reset Self-Service Campaign

On Wednesday, April 28th, mass communications were sent to over 1,300 WashU IT customers to provide instruction on using self-service options for WUSTL key password resets. This target group had called in to the Service Desk since January 2021 for a password reset. Since January, the Service Desk has received between 500-800 calls each month […]

WashU IT Files Spring Cleaning with Box

Box is the cloud-based storage solution that allows you to share files with people inside and outside of Washington University. WashU and Box.net have partnered to provide service that meets common higher education security and regulatory requirements. All current WashU IT users have access to the Box platform. WashU IT encourages users to back-up and transfer […]

Shared IT Services: A Year in Review

The Shared IT Services (SITS) program continues to move forward. Unit migrations to SITS remain a top priority of the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of IT at Washington University in St. Louis. Amidst the changing environment and operations throughout the year, SITS has adapted its approach to move forward with […]

Shared IT Services Focuses on Infrastructure in 2021

One of the goals of the Shared IT Services project is to provide an enabling IT infrastructure for innovation at WashU. Reducing duplication of services, right-sizing environments, and reducing risks associated with aging assets are key areas of focus for the project. By working towards these goals, WashU IT can deliver infrastructure services cost effectively […]

Shared IT Services Begins Transitioning Off-Campus WashU Computers

Shared IT Services (SITS) continues to innovate amid the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 order to limit on-campus operations and embrace social distancing meant transitioning much of WashU’s workforce to work from home, creating logistical and technical challenges for the team. For migrated departments, WashU IT was able to deploy laptops quickly, users […]