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Join WashU IT on LinkedIn

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with the WashU community; we have officially launched our presence on LinkedIn!

This initiative marks an exciting leap toward achieving several strategic objectives. It is not just about creating an online presence; it’s about fostering meaningful connections, facilitating knowledge-sharing, and expanding our horizons in the world of information technology. With our new WashU IT LinkedIn profile, we aim to create an engaging platform that will serve many purposes, including the following:

Keeping you informed – Get and interact with the latest updates surrounding the ImpacT IT Strategic Plan initiatives. By actively sharing updates, success stories, and progress statuses, we aim to keep you informed and engaged with our projects, our accomplishments, and what’s happening in WashU IT. Through regular interactions, we hope to ignite discussions, garner feedback, and collaborate with the university community in the support of Here and Next.

Sharing recruitment opportunities – LinkedIn provides a dynamic platform for us to showcase the diverse range of recruitment opportunities available within WashU IT. By leveraging this platform, we can connect with potential candidates who align with our values and vision. This not only enhances the quality and diversification of our talent pool but also reinforces our commitment to fostering growth and development.

Providing access to IT-related content from thought leaders – Our LinkedIn profile serves as a hub for thought-provoking IT-related content. By sharing insightful articles, thought leadership pieces, and industry analyses, you’ll gain insight into the ever-evolving landscape of information technology. This not only enhances our serviceability and support to the community but also fuels conversations that drive innovation.

Building intellectual fellowships and partnerships – WashU IT LinkedIn profile offers a gateway to building intellectual fellowships and partnerships with other WashU professionals through engagement in meaningful dialogues, collaborations, and knowledge exchanges. It’s a space where we can broaden our perspectives and contribute to the advancement of IT education and practice.

We look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn and embarking on this exciting journey of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. As our CIO Jessie Minton stated, “This is a two-way channel of communication. Your engagement is instrumental for the success of it. So please share, comment, like, and engage with the content, and let’s build this new space together.” Joining us on LinkedIn is easy! Simply visit our WashU IT profile and select the “Follow” button. Spread the word to your colleagues and fellow tech enthusiasts – together, we will shape the future of technology at our university.