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CIO Update: Minton provides AI update

As we begin a new academic year, there is an energy and excitement in the air. Each year presents new opportunities, and this is no exception. As fall semester gets under way, there are new advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) that are transforming many aspects of our society. Recently, we released statements about the use of generative (AI) in the academic, research, and clinical spaces, and how this new and evolving technology can be carefully explored and responsibly used. I am happy to report a new webpage has been created to provide resources on these tools. The site offers definitions for some of the frequently used terms being used in this space, as well as guidance for utilizing these resources. We will continue to add resources to this page on an ongoing basis.

I would like to reiterate some of the guidance that has been provided. Be mindful not to share sensitive information. Remember that the information you share through public AI tools is not considered private and will be added to the tool’s knowledge base, which would make it open to use by others and potentially open for claiming as property by the vendor.

Please remember it is important to make sure the information you retrieve from the use of AI is double checked for accuracy. Furthermore, be sure any information you glean is properly cited. Adhere to our current academic integrity policies.

As always, be alert to any phishing attempts, being mindful that AI-enabled phishing attempts are more sophisticated. Furthermore, before procuring AI tools or adding AI features to existing tools, please contact WashU IT at We will help with assessment of risk by WashU’s Office of Information Security

In closing, I would like to wish you a wonderful and productive fall semester. We look forward to working together to achieve our goals and advance the mission of WashU.