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Privileged Access Management (PAM): PM Guard to be Retired – User Action Requested

As part of our Privileged Access Management (PAM) cybersecurity strategy, WashU IT is implementing CyberArk, a patented vault technology used for managing and recording both credential storage and remote desktop access.

As part of this plan, WashU IT will migrate its Identity Access Management (IAM) security tool from PMGuard to CyberArk. PMGuard will then be retired once the migration is complete.

The migration will occur at a folder-access level. Those who are not given folder access in PMGuard by April 7, 2023, will lose access to objects and will have to request access again after the migration.

In an effort to minimize risk, PMGuard users are requested to take specific actions: 

  1. Give folder access to users who currently have account access and should continue to have access after migration is concluded;
  2. Convert personal accounts to group accounts or put them in a personal password manager tool;
  3. Remove folders and accounts that will no longer be needed.

For questions about the migration process, email the project team.