How to use a Zoom Room

Click here to view the Zoom Room guide (Box link) for information on items such as:

  • Invite a Zoom room to your meeting
  • Join a Zoom meeting from the Zoom Room
  • Join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Zoom Room
  • Start an on-demand / ad-hoc meeting from a Zoom Room

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Zoom FAQ

If you are struggling with an issue not featured here, the answers to most commonly asked questions, including ones not listed below, can be found in our Zoom Cheatsheet (PDF).

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How can I lock a meeting?

Meetings can be locked, which prevents other participants from joining the meeting in progress. You can learn more about locking meetings and managing participants here.

How can I upgrade my Zoom app?

As of Friday, April 10, 2020, all managed Windows computers’ Zoom app will be enabled for auto-upgrading. The next time users…

How do I add an attendee as an alternate host?

The alternative host option allows you to schedule meetings and designate another licensed user on the same account to…

How do I get the Outlook plug-in for Zoom?

  1. Download the Zoom Microsoft Outlook Plugin MSI file from the Zoom Download Center…

How do I get webinar capabilities for more than 300 attendees?

Those seeking to host meetings with more than 300 attendees, may purchase…

How do I get Zoom working on my Apple device?

Zoom set-up on Apple devices is different than set-up for devices running Windows…

How often does the Zoom app update?

WashU IT will be pushing out new app versions to all users quarterly. In the past, these updates were made semi-annually. With more frequent updates, you can rest assured that your Zoom calls have the most recent improvements in security and efficiency.

How to use a Zoom Room

The Zoom room guide contains information on inviting a Zoom room to your meeting, joining a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Zoom Room, starting an on-demand meeting from a Zoom Room, and more.

I am in WUSTL HIPAA Zoom and should not be. What should I do?

If your HR file is tagged that you may handle protected health information (PHI),…

Is closed captioning available for Zoom?

Yes! You can get started on closed captioning here.

Is live transcription/closed captioning available?

HIPAA Zoom accounts can now enable live transcription to provide closed captioning to any meeting automatically. Meeting hosts can turn this option on by clicking ‘Live Transcript’ while in the meeting.

Should I use Zoom through remote desktop?

While you can use Zoom through your remote desktop, you may run into network issues…

What countries are restricted from using Zoom?

Users in certain countries or regions are unable to access Zoom for regulatory reasons…

Why have I not received my Zoom confirmation email yet?

Currently, there is a delay in receiving confirmation emails,…

Why is my account ‘basic’ with a 40 minute time limit?

WashU has a managed domain that requires using your Single Sign On (SSO, WUSTL Key). Go to and…

Will I still have access to my WUSTL Zoom account after I graduate?

WashU’s contract with Zoom is specifically for current students, faculty, and staff…