I am in WUSTL HIPAA Zoom and should not be. What should I do?

  • If your HR file is tagged that you may handle protected health information (PHI), you will be placed in the WUSTL HIPAA group. This could be due to the role you play or the department you are assigned to.
  • This is not an error.
  • You will (or have received) an email confirming the creation of your account and asking you if you want to switch the WUSTL HIPAA group.
  • Click the link in that email to accept the group change and validate your account.
  • The WUSTL HIPAA group has some security restrictions to protect the handling of PHI – for example, meetings cannot be recorded to a cloud service, only to local machines.
  • Individuals who believe they should not be in the WUSTL HIPAA group should submit a request to the Information Security Office for review.

Zoom FAQ

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