Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments November 2021

Submitted by David Sterling Team Accomplishment Enterprise Engineering SAFE Website shortcut passed QA and now in deployment pilot phase Enterprise Engineering Worked directly with Microsoft product team to implement workaround for POP/IMAP connections Enterprise Engineering Conducted meeting to transition Papercut support to new support vendor SumnerOne Enterprise Engineering Completed Imprivata 3-yr renewal agreement Enterprise Engineering […]

What’s Happening in EUS- A Walk Through the EUS QA Test Process

Submitted by Diane Gentile The Quality Assurance (QA) team in End User Services recently completed testing an updated Task Sequence (2.0) for imaging. Task Sequence 2.0 will be used by the Depot and Deskside support techs. The QA team tests most technologies that are developed by Desktop Engineering, and over the years, we have become […]

Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments October 2021

Submitted by David Sterling Team Business Areas of Interest Accomplishment Impact Enterprise Engineering Desktop Engineering Task sequence 2.0 95% through QA – ready for limited release.  highly automated endpoint deployment based on unit and computer functional area Enterprise Engineering desktop Engineering HRPO file services migration completed 1 moving off of legacy File services in medpriv […]

Recent EA Accomplishments- November 16, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten Domain Project Title Project Summary Project Team  Implementation Date Student EA-10198  Modify Slate DRA to process Slate API call data fields This project resolved an issue where data was not being passed correctly between Slate and PowerFAIDs, which could impact financial aid allocations to students. Karen Leingang,  Janet Deyarmin, Jeff Freeman, […]

What’s Happening in EUS: Who/What is CRM?

Submitted by Thomas Walker Who or what is CRM? Glad you asked. We are your Customer Relationship Manager. Think of us as a partner, as our focus is building relationships and effective communications that enable you to better leverage information and technology in support of your individual missions. We work to bridge the gap between […]

What’s Happening in EUS: What Does Access Management Do?

Submitted by Brian Schuler Access Management Top Three Access Management is responsible for various technologies across the entirety of the University.  What started at as just onboarding and off boarding for two departments and email for the those on Office365 (prior to Med School’s full rollout) now includes managing VPN, email routing for alumni, students, […]

Recent EA Accomplishments- November 2, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten Domain Title Summary Project Team Implementation Date University Advancement EA-9740 Modify Ruffalo Cody Export BIO file to correct bad formatting This project corrected some formatting issues with the RNL Export files that we send to Ruffalo Cody for the Phonathon.  They are also requiring the files to be changed from text […]

New WashU IT Templates Now Available!

The WashU IT PSA and Communications Teams have worked together to create new, visually striking and streamlined WashU IT templates for everyone within our organization to use! Looking to create a presentation, report, meeting agenda, or letter? There’s a template for that!

Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – October 19, 2021

Submitted by David Sterling Team Accomplishment Impact SIEE Warpdrive upgrades completed and stragglers found and updated also. Upgrade software to address problems with existing software. SIEE SharePoint migrations: Archived IS&T Leadership SharePoint documents, ClinicalOperations SharePoint site, and MedAlumniandDev SharePoint site to Box Continued progress toward implementation of WashU IT SharePoint strategy program. SIEE SharePoint migration […]

Recent EA Accomplishments- October 5, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten Project Summary Team  Implementation Date  EA-9585 Monthly Payroll Deduction Project Darrin Hutchinson, Jimmy Johnson 9/20/21 EA-9727 SUBS Awards Replacement App — Sprint 45 Release This project covers the fixes and features that were related to the SUBS Application Sprint 45.  Veleria Boaten, Richard Pryzma, Dule Djurasevic, Bill Lancaster 9/20/21 Change Request […]