Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- November 16, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject Team Implementation Date
StudentEA-10198  Modify Slate DRA to process Slate API call data fieldsThis project resolved an issue where data was not being passed correctly between Slate and PowerFAIDs, which could impact financial aid allocations to students.Karen Leingang,  Janet Deyarmin, Jeff Freeman, Amy Schroeder10/20/21
StudentEA-8671 LLI: Fix Registration Errors and BugsThis project resolved issues encountered when a facilitator registers for courses and  when students drop courses; hence, ensuring that facilitators and students are charged correctly.Ted Hindes, Amy Schroeder, Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Jimmy Johnson10/28/21
EA-3433 – INT387 PEP Integration Cutover 2nd Run HyperCare CorrectionsThis project served as a collection of issues that were encountered during cutover activities for the PEP Integration from Workday.
Journal entries that were once loaded into the PEP application from AIS are not retrieved from Workday for reconciliation purposes. 
Veleria Boaten, Jane Pack, Brian Railey, Kristina Karrenbrock, Nick Kondis11/3/21
EA Lifecycle Management ProgramsEA-9513 – Migrate Patient Safety from SP On Prem to SPOMigration of the first SP2013 Collaboration site from our on-prem farm to SharePoint Online. This is the first of the SharePoint Migration Program’s Phase 3 / Tier 3 sites and helped establish process for future migrations.Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, Maarten Houthuijzen, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand11/4/21
Enabling Applications EA-9396 –  Atlassian: Jira Upgrade November 2021Planned upgrades from our vendor partners. Michele Harashe,  Michael Ahearn11/4/21
Enabling ApplicationsEA-9462 ListServ Maestro: November 2021 UpgradePlanned upgrades from our vendor partners. Michele Harashe, Shared Infrastructure team  11/6/21
PhysOpsEA-9889 – Danforth Parking for Spring 2022 UPass RenewalParking & Transportation engaged Enterprise Applications so students can purchase UPasses for Spring 2022.Dan Williams, Samuel Smith, Sarah Everett11/11/21
WUSMEA-10135 Add COVID-19 Booster field to SEH applicationsUpdated SEH functionality to allow university to track COVID-19 booster shots.Andrew Brimer, Nguyen Pham, Theresa Smallwood11/11/21
WUSMEA-9511, EA-9510 Update ICTS apply site to fix file name, label and cores getting stuckUpdated JIT site to enable administrators to review and update application status.Andrew Brimer, Nguyen Pham, Theresa Smallwood11/11/21
ResearchEA-5918 – MyDay: RMS New Fringe Benefits Methodology: Phase IIPhase II  of EA-5918 represents the final deliverable of the project in the Research Management System (RMS) as part of the university shift to utilizing flat federally negotiated fringe benefit rates in calculating budgets for research projects at the university.
This last phase specifically addresses the gap for Danforth faculty academic/summer appointments to respect the $200k fringe cap, and gives Module Administrators the ability to make out-year updates to fringe cap moving forward.
Travis Mossotti, Renee Lowry11/17/21
Enabling ApplicationsEA-9828 Workday 21.3  – Marketplace Release 21.23Upgrade – WorkdayPlanned upgrades from our vendor partners. Greg Clemon, John Murphy, Oz Zakeri11/12/21 – 11/14/21