Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments October 2021

Submitted by David Sterling

TeamBusiness Areas of InterestAccomplishmentImpact
Enterprise EngineeringDesktop EngineeringTask sequence 2.0 95% through QA – ready for limited release. highly automated endpoint deployment based on unit and computer functional area
Enterprise Engineeringdesktop EngineeringHRPO file services migration completed 1moving off of legacy File services in medpriv
Enterprise Engineeringdesktop EngineeringM365 and Office 21 packaged and in QAmoving off of 7 year old office
enterprise EngineeringDesktop EngineeringDepot optimization program and automation- Dell zero touch remote builds kicked off -moved next part of iniative over to LP&T for Dell partnership and implementation 
Enterprise EngineeringSurgerySurgery Taskforce – Surgery Workroom Evaluations – demo systems set up,
-working with surgery on identifying pain points in endpoint deployments and setup and ways to automate more first-logon application promps  such as Box, one drive, etc, remove other annoyances. 
improving customer satisfaction with endpoint deployments
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalStarted VMWare Horizon software deployment project with pilot successProviding the clincial spaces with the latest version of Horizon client to resolve USB passthrough issues. Will also improve experience with Mmodal via ECV as the microphones are USB devices.
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalContinued success with deploying TrustCommerce Credit Card softwareThe deployment for the updated driver is now completed.
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalImprivata 7.3 HF9 completed QA testing. Will begin scheduling deployments for ITSS project team.Providing the clinical spaces with the latest version on Imprivata to ensure compatability with the server infrastructure and to resolve connectivity issues from pervious hot fix.
Enterprise EngineeringAll UniversityResolved PXE boot failure when testing build process at Dell Build FacilityWe have now successfully built a virtual machine computer at Dell’s facility. We can move on to testing physical computers
Enterprise EngineeringAll UniversityKickoff for SAFE ( Supporting a Fair Environment ) project. Requires deploying desktop shortcut to desktopsComputers in education spaces will have a shortcut for persons to access the website
Enterprise EngineeringAll UniversityDiscovered and implemented method to provide large email exports in 1GB parts for DLP scanningThis will allow forensic scanning to help in determining data exfiltration of compromised email mailboxes
Network EngineeringTelecom ServicesCompleted training of Admissions staff for call center dashboard service.Provide training to Admissions on the call center dashboard
Network EngineeringData CenterCompleted WCDC preventitive maintenance test on generatorAssuring that the West Campus Data Center power back up systems our working as expected
Network EngineeringNetwork ServicesCompleted 10G connection for Apogee streaming serviceProviding network capabilities in support of IPTV Pilot
Network EngineeringCritical FacilitiesCompleted Rudolph Hall UPS replacement project, to include 3 new 10kva UPS’s and the transistion to new power panel to provide greater redundancy.Replaced core UPS backup system which will aslo provide increased capacity to support core network hardware and infrastructure
Network EngineeringNetwork ServicesCompleted life cycle replacement of the hardware management switches in WCDCPart of the Network Engineering Life Cycle Management effort to keep network hardware current to manufactures support and features/functionality
Network EngineeringNetwork ServicesUpgraded network switch supporting SWT 7th floor to 10G uplinksProviding greater bandwidth to support research
Network EngineeringInfrastructure ServicesCompleted ntwork setup for Media Service & Ironman for the MeKelvey Hall dedication on 10/15Provide infrastructure to support streaming services for the McKelvey Hall dedication 
Network EngineeringInfrastructure ServicesCoordination and installatoin of network for Media Services/Ironman to support the  Danforth Memorial Ceremony in the North Brookings Quad on 10/2/2021 Provide infrastructure to support streaming services for the Danforth Memorial Services
Network EngineeringNetwork ServicesPrepared for and completed NAC Process pilot/phase2 “monitoring” at the Heritage Building and 1234 KingshighwayPart of the Secure the WUSM effort with a focus on Network Access Control (NAC)  Providing additoinal securit to the wired connections on Med Campus
Network EngineeringNetwork/Infrastructure ServicesCompleted walkthrough at Francis Field in support of Commencement 2022 relocation effortsCommencement is moving the Francis Field, which requires new infrasturcture to provide streaming and cable tv services
Platform EngineeringOccupational TherapyCompleted upgrade for the Occupational Therapy SLiC applicationAssisted with installation of new version of a departmental application solution.
Platform EngineeringWashU IT Private CloudCompleted Veeam v11 upgrade of the WashU IT Private Cloud backup infrastructureImproved the security and reliability of the WashU IT Veeam Infrastructure and related components by upgrading Veeam from version 10 to 11. This resulted in upgraded software and agents on WashU IT Veeam Infrastructure, including physical Windows and Linux servers. A semi-annual Veeam lifecycle upgrade plan and schedule was also prepared.
Platform EngineeringWashU IT Active DirectoryCompleted update of Active Directory virtual machine “tools and hardware” software layerImproved the security and reliability of the WashU Active Directory platform by upgrading the VMware Tools and Hardware to the latest version.
Platform EngineeringInformation SecurityCompleted integration of Rumble with Microsoft Azure to enable cloud data collection in RumbleImproved the capability of the Information Security Office to detect active endpoints within WashU subscriptions in the Microsoft Azure public cloud.
Platform EngineeringBusiness ContinuityCompleted FY22 Disaster Recovery test exercise; successfully validated the process to restore our primary Active Directory forest from tape backups to public cloud hosted server environmentVerified the capability and process for WashU IT to recover the primary Active Directory systems from physical tape backups to the public cloud. This is a key capability for protection from ransomware.
Platform EngineeringGraduate AdmissionsCompleted retirement of GradApply application and host serversRetired legacy server hardware following adoption of a SaaS-based application solution.
Systems Operation CenterClinic supportAssisted ITSS with an Edwardsville clinic on BJC network where WashU WiFi wasn’t configured 
Systems Operation CenterFIrewall issue on BJC networkWorked with ITSS to discover a BJC firewall issue  when WashU devices on a BJC network had intermittent connectivity issues when accessing Zoom  
Systems Operation CenterSoftware renewalSent PO to VAR for software renewal for Solarwinds products Allows PE DP to monitor SQL,  FTP servers to be updated and secure and manage server patching platform to stay updated
Systems Operation CenterSoftware renewalSent PO to VAR for software renewal for VeeamAllows server backups to be done and supports restores of files and servers
Systems Operation CenterSoftware renewalSent PO to VAR for software renewal for VMware renewal for AD environmentAllows the AD VM Infrastructure to be kept updated and secure
Systems Operation CenterSoftware not renewed Web Help Desk scheduled for retirement in December 2021Old platform to be retired
Systems Operation CenterBudgetWorked with several departments on planning for software budgets Budgets
Systems Operation Centerdining servicesWorked with Dining Services on issues related to RFID soda machines network connectivityStudents and staff ability to purchase fountain drinks from Dining Services
Systems Operation CenterMed School Desktop supportWorked with WUSM ITSS staff on issues related to SMB1 enablementUser access to file shares
Systems Operation CenterMonitoringReview reports to find items not being monitored  and work on getting them monitoredMonitoring review 
Systems Operation CenterSIDEWorked with Deskside Engineering to update contacts on servers and update contacts on servers no longer supported by them  Monitoring contacts
Systems Operation CenterSiDEworked with Deskside Engineering to update processesMonitoring response