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What’s Happening in EUS: What Does Access Management Do?

Submitted by Brian Schuler

Access Management Top Three

Access Management is responsible for various technologies across the entirety of the University.  What started at as just onboarding and off boarding for two departments and email for the those on Office365 (prior to Med School’s full rollout) now includes managing VPN, email routing for alumni, students, and staff, all shared mailbox and distribution lists request both, new, and modifications. 

Recently we worked with the WashU IT Business Analyst team to examine the requests we receive and determine what our most requested items were and how/if we can improve upon those processes. Below are the top three that consist of over 60% of the total workload of Access Management 

3. File share access requests – File share access requests are our third most popular request.  These requests range from a single user needing access to a single folder to creating a new folder, new group for assigning permissions and then applying the permissions to the newly created folder.   There are 126 individual department shares on \\files.wustl.edu\shares.  So if you request access to a folder, please be sure to specify the exact location (\\files.wustl.edu\shares\IT\…) and the permissions needed, (L) for List, (R) for Read, or (RW) for read write.   

2. Termination requests – User termination requests are our second most popular request.  Did you know that with the release of the new ServiceNow, we also created a new request form in the Service Catalog called “Account Terminations”.  The request form asks for the type of termination (transfers are handled differently from leaving the university) and what should happen to the person’s personal network share, whether or not to disable the mailbox, put up an out of office or grant someone else access to the mailbox.  Access to other administrative systems can also be removed through the form by checking off the appropriate boxes.  The Account Termination form can be found in Service Catalog here: Account Termination Form 

1. New hire requests – Did you know there are twice as many new hire requests as there are termination requests.  Once the new hire is created in Workday, and their WUSTL Key accounts activated, Access Management can assist with granting access to specific file shares, and distribution groups/shared mailboxes. The best way to request new hire access to file shares, distributions is through the ServiceNow form called New Hire Access:  New Hire Access

The other seven top requests are: Shared Mailboxes, VPN services, Email Distribution Lists, Email Routing, Shared Calendars, Vendor VPN and Box file transfers.  When submitting a request for these services, remember that proper approval must be obtained prior to request fulfillment.  Email related requests can be found in the Service Catalog Email & Calendaring. If you cannot find the appropriate request form, please use the General Access and Security form under the Access & Information Security section of the Service Catalog.