What’s Happening in EUS: Who/What is CRM?

Submitted by Thomas Walker

Who or what is CRM? Glad you asked.

We are your Customer Relationship Manager. Think of us as a partner, as our focus is building relationships and effective communications that enable you to better leverage information and technology in support of your individual missions. We work to bridge the gap between the customer and IT by being the voice of the customer to IT and the voice of IT to the customer.

We connect regularly with leadership, IT, and other campus unit members to address:

  • What’s new and changing with campus IT services and projects, as well as with units’ academic administrative activities
  • What’s important for campus units and how technology can help address near-term challenges as well as support longer-term strategic goals
  • How the CIO and WashU IT is performing with regards to meeting the needs of the units with our IT services

We work to understand the campus needs, challenges, and concerns. Our end goal is to produce better outcomes by way of customer advocacy, feedback, transparency, and making connections.

Our goal is to build a relationship.

The Team – Please meet Tiffany Millaway and Thomas Walker

Tiffany Millaway | Associate Technology Customer Relationship Manager

Tiffany has been a part of the Washington University community as a WUIT Depot Technical Support Specialist since November 2019. She joined the CRM team April 2021. Tiffany will continue to work diligently to ensure the relationship between WashU IT and the WashuU IT end users continue to flourish. She has years of experience working in both IT and directly with customers and takes great pride in providing the best care possible to meet the needs of her customers.

Tiffany’s family includes her fiancé Joshua, two daughters and two sons. Her children are involved in many activities including competitive dance, football, basketball, and wrestling, which she enjoys being both a fan and a volunteer. She has assumed the role of Team Manager of her sons’ KWJFL Kirkwood Cardinals football team and assists on the KWJFL board with her soon to be husband. Tiffany also enjoys spending leisure time traveling internationally with family and hiking outdoors with her beloved dog Henry.

Thomas Walker | Sr. Technology Customer Relationship Manager

Thomas joined the Washington University community October 2011 as a leader in Computer Systems–User Services for the McKelvey School of Engineering. He joined the WashU family as a member of the Customer Relationship Management Team (CRM) July 2019. In addition to being an effective, innovative and customer focused professional, Thomas is an active volunteer, both inside and outside the Washington University community. He currently serves on the Washington University Sexual Harassment Investigative Board (USHIB), as well as WashU Wellness Champions. Away from campus, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Sublette Branch of the YMCA, and an honorary member of the Board of Directors of Cultural Leadership, an organization that teaches youth to use their voice to speak out against prejudices and racism. Thomas also has a passion for beautifying environments through landscaping around the St. Louis area and enhancing interior environments with hardwood and tile. His family, which includes three daughters and a son, along with his (6) grandchildren provide the love, support, and energy he needs to excel in his career and in his work to improve our community.


Device Health Initiative: We are currently working to empower the schools/departments to have an accurate up-to-date inventory. We are reaching out to actively engage with our customers to establish the following:

  • Equipment/workstation list
  • Purchased/Warranty information
  • Identification of Aging Devices
  • Budgeting for replacement of aging devices and timeline

CRM Information Sheet: WashU IT News + Initiatives is one communication tool we utilize to keep our customers and others up to date with what’s going on in WashU IT. In other words, we help get the word out.

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeable, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”

– Sydney J. Harris

We Communicate!  We Listen!

If you have something that you would like us to share or assist with – Please reach out to us.

Want to know more about us or who is your CRM?

Check out CRM at https://it.wustl.edu/help/customer-relationship-management/

Contact us via email at WashU_IT-CRM@email.wustl.edu

We look forward to working with you!