Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments November 2021

Submitted by David Sterling

Enterprise EngineeringSAFE Website shortcut passed QA and now in deployment pilot phase
Enterprise EngineeringWorked directly with Microsoft product team to implement workaround for POP/IMAP connections
Enterprise EngineeringConducted meeting to transition Papercut support to new support vendor SumnerOne
Enterprise EngineeringCompleted Imprivata 3-yr renewal agreement
Enterprise EngineeringContinuing pilot for Systems Operations Center/Desktop Engineering/Collaboration Team Service Now ticket process review and enhancement
Enterprise EngineeringAMP package tested and approved by QA
Enterprise EngineeringPackaged Malwarebytes for Wavebrowser security remediation effort
Enterprise EngineeringSharePoint migrations – three more on-prem sites retired.
Enterprise EngineeringInstalled firmware updates on the ISE F5s to mitigate security vulnerabilities.
Enterprise EngineeringWordPress production updates for the month (a week ahead of schedule to avoid updates on Turkey Day)
Enterprise EngineeringMaking change for Cisco AMP clients to enable isolation mode. Infosec requested this a while back.  Allows us to restrict network traffic on specific client(s) if a security issue arises.
Enterprise EngineeringEHS Increased Controls data moved from OFMD volume to EHS volume. Coordinated with customer and PE for this data set. No issues noted from customer.
Enterprise EngineeringSharePoint Pediatrics migration – Requirements and design docs for the Newland Research site migration approved. Last approval of 5 sites to be migrated to Teams.
Enterprise EngineeringRequested decommission of SharePoint ECM servers
Enterprise EngineeringCreated a dashboard to display users permissions in Splunk and also list which indexes are associated with each role
Enterprise EngineeringHRMS retirement – Requested retirement for WUIS8101 and WUIS8103
Network EngineeringAdded additional remote access users and reading workstation to the Phelps RVPN and S2S VPN
Network EngineeringConfigured and installed new switch for High-Performance Computing 
Network EngineeringDivision of Statistical Genomics, Department of Genetics in the Research Data Center
Network EngineeringUpgraded Small Group House 2 and 4 to 10GB uplinks. Also changed management IP’s and naming scheme to our current standard and removed unnecessary switches
Network EngineeringCompleted initial  walkthrough with Gabes Wireless for the Public Safety DAS on the S-40
Network EngineeringCompleted changes to major auto attendants across campus for holiday hours.  
Network EngineeringCompleted two battery refreshes in Saint Louis Childrens Hospital.
Network EngineeringCompleted monthly generator tests performed at West Campus and North Campus/Rosedale Data Centers.
Network EngineeringCompleted Computer Room Air Conditioning preventative maintenance activities for North Campus/Rosedale Data Center, 4480 Data Center, and Becker Library basement.
Network EngineeringCoordinating installation of additional wifi AP’s at South Campus
Network EngineeringEnabled SAML on the SecureW2 portal
Network EngineeringCompleted assignment plan for VIP call center go live.  
Network EngineeringGDCE/RDC humidity air pre-treatment project kickoff meeting with facilities. This project will install a new AC unit solely to pre-treat intake air in the summer to address long standing room humidity issues.
Network EngineeringCoordinated repair of the 4480 DC CRAC unit to address a fluid leak.
Network EngineeringCompleted battery refreshes in Bayer Labs (Monstanto) 4th floor, Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) 1st and 2nd floors, and SLCH 11th floor.
Network EngineeringCreated new IP subnets for Engineering DC migration
Network EngineeringCompleted ResLife DL uplink capacity upgrades to 10G
Network EngineeringCompleted network design for new Delmar Devine office
Network EngineeringEnabled AAA override on eduroam SSID to enhance user authorization
Network EngineeringCompleted rollout of Enforcement phase of NAC Process Pilot
Network EngineeringImplemented reconfiguration of EUS/Systems and Procedures off hours support of password reset.
Network EngineeringCompleted reconfiguration of Eliot Society auto attendant.
Network EngineeringCompleted  WCDC CRAC preventative maintenance
Network EngineeringCompleted 8 LCM battery refreshes for Knight Hall, 4444 Forest Park Blvd, Genome Data Center West Office, 4511 Forest Park, @4240 (Heritage), Paraquad, and Rehabilitation Institute. (kh-043-wu-up-0, msul-blvd06E-z, msul-blvd05z-z, msul-gdcw01b-z, msul-fpmc02b-y, msul-hrtg01c-z, msul-pq01b-z,  msul-hcs03a-z)
Network EngineeringCompleted  2 LCM UPS replacements in SLCH (msul-slchLLa-z, msul-slch02a-z)
Network EngineeringDecommissioned and removed UPS in 4240 (Heritage). (msul-hrtg03a-y)
Network EngineeringCompleted all  single mode fiber paths in support of the 10Gig upgrade on 11/7 for Danforth/South Forty Residential buildings
Network EngineeringWorked with AT&T and restored AT&T cell service in the quad and Brookings.  Faulty AT&T Cellular mini cell on Beaumont Pavilion
Network EngineeringCompleted 4 LCM battery refreshes in East building and Renard Hospital (EAST00B, EAST01B, REN01A, and REN03A).
Network EngineeringCompleted installation of a new UPS in Simon Hall room 015.
Network EngineeringCompleted  Knight Hall Telecom Room (043) UPS battery refresh
Network EngineeringCompleted CHG0038287 for final power moves of Rudolph Hall L29 UPS project. All devices are now properly on UPS and house power redundancy.
Network EngineeringCompleted changes to MySoft data for PCR due to Workday crosswalk tool.
Network EngineeringCompleted redesign of Systems and Procedures/Workday auto attendant to support HR open enrollment period.
Network EngineeringCompleted changes to Systems and Procedures phone profiles to remove desk set option from call center agents.
Network EngineeringCompleted removal of TEM from devices.
Network EngineeringWorked with ATT/Knight Center to continue analog service for ATT access to Option 11.
Platform EngineeringCompleted report for the annual Disaster Recovery test exercise
Platform EngineeringCompleted decommissioning of the WUSM Data Store legacy reporting database
Platform EngineeringCompleted migration of the Divisioni of Biology and Biomedical Sciences development database environment to updated version
Platform EngineeringCompleted decommissioning of the legacy CIT web API data service
Platform EngineeringCompleted move of tape infrastructure supporting final backups of servers being retired to the 4480 Data Center to improve operational process for SOC staff
Platform EngineeringCompleted rationalization of reported data between CrowdStrike and Rumble tools
Platform EngineeringComplete decommissioning of the legacy CIT web API serving data lookups
Platform EngineeringCompleted move of hardware used in producing server final backups to 4480 data center
Platform EngineeringCompleted true-up of CrowdStrike and Rumble status reporting (ensuring that CrowdStrike and Rumble are reporting the same statuses for CrowdStrike installation status)
Platform EngineeringCompleted closeout of the Veeam 11 Upgrade project
Platform EngineeringCompleted build Windows 10 VMs for KnowledgeLake bot farm
Platform EngineeringCompleted migration of Occupational Therapy SLiC database to newer version Shared SQL Server platform
Platform EngineeringCompleted fixes following vRA certificate update
Platform EngineeringSuccessfully completed testing of VPN configuration for CMMC environment
Platform EngineeringCompleted migration of Radiation Safety Increased Controls data to new dedicated volume on
Platform EngineeringCompleted closeout of Microsoft Azure credit application for Cell Biology
Platform EngineeringCompleted fixes for backup usage reports following Veeam 11 upgrade