Recent EA Accomplishments – December 14, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject Team Implementation Date
StudentEA-10168 Two New Fields for Slate to PowerFaids ExportThe purpose of this project was to add additional fields for the data export from PowerFaids  (Student Financial Services) to Slate (Undergraduate Admissions).
The additional fields will assist in awarding aid to our international students and allow the awarding of a new scholarship.
Janet Deyarmin, Karen Leingang11/18/21
IntegrationsEA-10177 – CC-2478 – INT208 Load Failures for missing non-cap projectThis update was made to minimize a large volume of errors being handled by the FIS SDM team.
A secondary worktag mapping table was added to this inbound BJC Clinical Trials Billing integration.
Corey Puckett, Matt Vore11/18/21
EA Lifecycle Management ProgramsEA-6254 Microfocus Phase 2 – Webfocus student and STAR feeds, and stopping Microfocus batch processes (phase 2)Part of 2008 mitigation program this change stops running remaining jobs in Microfocus. This will freeze student data going to webfocus and SFS STAR.
 This implementation concludes this project, a key preliminary step in the retirement of legacy systems, AIS, HRMS and SFS-STAR.
Steve Westlund, Myron Lowry, Allison Grindon11/19/21
EA Lifecycle Management ProgramsEA-9604 – OGC Document Repository migration from SharePoint to SharePoint OnlineThis project archives critical legal documents for the University,
acting as a follow-on to the implementation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel’s new GaLexy system.
David Lender, Thomas Hildebrand12/9/21
Enabling AppsEA-10053 – ServiceNow Portal UpdateThe SN portal is being updated to improve the customer experience by
allowing easier and more intuitive navigation to catalog items and showing
widgets on the main page that display Incidents, Requests, and Approvals.
Greg Clemon, Brian Lawton 12/11/21