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The last STS All-Staff Meeting of the year: Celebrating Student Techs 

As the academic year ends, STS celebrated the final STS all-staff meeting on April 19th. This last meeting acknowledged the contributions of the student techs who have dedicated their time and skills throughout the year. It was also a chance to gather all the student techs who’ve worked with STS this year, including the soon-to-be graduates—Alana, Morgan, Constin, Jack, and Vinay—and welcome the incoming STCs for next year.

The collective effort and commitment of these student techs have undeniably shaped the technological landscape of the university. Their diligent work and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in driving innovation and problem-solving within our community. As STS bid farewell to the graduating student techs, it is also looking forward to seeing the new faces who will join the other techs next semester, ready to take on new challenges.

The last year’s Student Manager, Guenevere Chang, stopped by the meeting to surprise the students and capture some memories. She now works at Mastercard in Washington DC as an Associate Consultant. STS was also delighted to see familiar faces like Lisa Han, a former STC and DevSTAC PM, joining in the fun as well. 

In closing, WUIT would like to extend our appreciation to the graduating student techs for their outstanding service and welcome the incoming cohort as they embark on their journey. Here’s to the continued success and growth of the STS family.