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Unlocking Success: The Story Behind our Mass Emailing Makeover

The Emma Product Replacement for ListServ Maestro project was created to replace the aging ListServ and ListServ Maestro applications and associated hardware. These common good applications enable mass emailing functionality for various populations across the university. 

The introduction of Emma to Groups 1, 2 and 3 has been met with enthusiastic reception, leading the team to accelerate the onboarding process for Group 3, achieving this milestone three weeks earlier than planned.  In Maestro, there were 78 active groups and 354 customers. After onboarding Group 3, the numbers have surged to 167 sub-accounts and 532 customers, reflecting an approximate 50.3% increase in customer growth rate.

The transition to Emma not only offers customers a more modern and customer-centric platform but also presents opportunities for consolidation across the university’s community. Teams and departments, previously utilizing individual Emma accounts or alternative mass emailing tools, are now poised to embrace this university-endorsed solution.

As part of this project, Learning & Development Specialist Julie Martin played a crucial role in redesigning the Mass Emailing IT webpage for enhanced customer-friendliness. Additionally, she created the new Intro to Emma course in Learn@Work, offering training focused on the Washington University Emma interface and functionality.

In an anonymous survey, another customer shared positive sentiments: “I appreciate all the support during the transition from Maestro to Emma and think this new system is an upgrade. Thank you!”

Looking ahead, the project team will remove customer access to the ListServ and ListServ Maestro applications on June 30th. It’s worth noting that the registrar’s automated process for emailing students’ WUSTL keys will remain active until 2025, aligning with the Workday Student project’s go-live schedule. At that time, the associated hardware will be deprecated.