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Enterprise Applications (EA): Qualtrics for Sensitive Data Has Launched 

Qualtrics for Sensitive Data has officially launched. Here are the top 4 things to know about this new tool:  

  1. Access: Users are recommended to access both Qualtrics for Sensitive Data and the existing brand, Qualtrics for General Use, via the Qualtrics Task on For those who would like to access Qualtrics for Sensitive Data directly, they are encouraged to bookmark the direct link
  1. Usage: Qualtrics for Sensitive Data aims to secure data better and reduce WashU’s risk and liability in the event of a breach. Qualtrics users who collect PHI/PII or other identifiable sensitive data are required to use Qualtrics for Sensitive Data. Qualtrics users who do not need to collect PHI/PII or other identifiable sensitive data are welcome to use either brand.     
  1. Features: Qualtrics for Sensitive Data includes three defining features: 
  • 365-Day Data Retention Policy: A data retention policy that automatically deletes the survey and response data 365 days after the last survey response is received, to better protect survey creators, data, and WashU.  Survey creators can find instructions to download their survey data in the Qualtrics for Sensitive Data Basics User Guide
  • Sensitive Data Flags for Survey Creators: Qualtrics for Sensitive Data includes Sensitive Data Flags for Survey Creators to increase awareness of when identifiable sensitive data is requested and better align with WashU’s sensitive data policies. Upon launch of the new brand, Qualtrics for General Use will also include these data flags. 
  • Pre-built Security Templates: Pre-configured survey and email templates for research are available that include the recommended security settings. 
  1. Support: The Qualtrics product page contains training guides, a recorded webinar, a demo video, and more to help support users in learning more about Qualtrics for Sensitive Data and Qualtrics for General Use. For questions on either brand, please submit a General Service Request in ServiceNow for support to provide assistance. 

Visit the Qualtrics product page for updates about either of these Qualtrics brands.