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Empowering excellence and making an ImpacT: The WashU IT Depot’s evolutionary process continues. 

It has been 18-months since our last update, that time has tested our resilience, fostered innovation, and brought forth numerous impactful transformations. In the relentless pursuit of operational excellence, we’ve not merely weathered the supply-chain storm that was outlined in our last update, but we emerged stronger, charting an audacious course toward unprecedented efficiency and service excellence.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about the continued evolution of the IT Depot as I outline where we turned challenges turned into opportunities and setbacks prompted significant changes that lead to continued success. We have streamlined operations, including a new headquarters, an electric delivery vehicle, and expanded services. As I hope you will see in the unfolding narrative below, this signals yet another chapter of notable progress and our commitment to delivering an experience that aligns with the dynamic pulse of our times and necessity to make an ImpacT at WashU.  

Streamlined Operations for Enhanced Efficiency: 

In our previous newsletter we reviewed the effect supply-chain shortages had on our ability to provide excellent service, in addition to the work being done at that time, and in response to the challenges posed by supply chain adversity, we’ve undertaken a comprehensive restructuring of staff roles within the IT Depot. Notably, we’ve separated work duties to create specialized roles, distinguishing between those involved in receiving, building, and delivering computers (Computer Assembly and Logistics Assistant) and those engaging directly with our customers for quoting, procurement, and order management (IT Procurement & Lifecycle Specialist). This separation in duties has led to abundant efficiency gains, enabling us to navigate the entire busy season with unprecedented success. It has allowed us to be more focused and engaged with our customers, and responsive to their needs and adapt quickly as products shifted in availability by supplier and location. 

A New Headquarters and All Electric Delivery Vehicle: 

Our previous plans for a new location that we disclosed in our last newsletter were unfortunately cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, specifically the flooding that occurred at North Campus in July of 2022. However, as the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens! We are very excited to share that we found that new door! We identified a new location and construction is currently underway at what will be the site of the new IT Depot Headquarters, located off Kingsland Ave. We anticipate construction will be completed at the beginning of the new year. This new space will serve as the consolidated headquarters for the IT Depot, a centrally located and thoughtfully designed space to further enhance our capabilities and ImpacT on the University. 

In addition to our new headquarters, we have recently purchased a new Ford e-Transit van, a fully electric delivery vehicle. This investment enhances our capabilities to be even more responsive and efficient in meeting your IT needs. The capacity of this new vehicle more than triples what our previous vehicle could contain, and it has already aided the team to be much more efficient in their deliveries.  

The new location and electric delivery vehicle are part of our strategic efforts to centralize and optimize our operations under one roof. This consolidation fosters collaboration, communication, and efficiency, resulting in a more cohesive and responsive IT support system. 

Expansion of Service Offerings and Software Licensing Integration: 

Excitingly, we have also expanded our service offerings to include Software Licensing as part of the IT Depot’s comprehensive solutions. At the start of FY24, the software procurement, distribution, and management work previously handled separately by Software Licensing has now been seamlessly integrated into our one-stop-shop service offering. This strategic move enhances our capacity to provide holistic support, aligning with our commitment to excellence. 

The work conducted in software licensing, led by Mary Stockton, and the now retired, Ann Marie Zeman, are continuing to integrate seamlessly into our wider team. This integration will continue to leverage existing resources and tools, while looking for opportunities to enhance and evolve our service. Their invaluable guidance helps to ensure a cohesive and service-oriented organization, setting the stage for a transformative chapter in our service evolution. 

In conclusion, the past 18 months have ushered in yet another wave of transformative changes at the WashU IT Depot. We’ve navigated challenges, seized opportunities, and made strategic decisions that resonate with our commitment to excellence. From streamlining operations to the acquisition of a new headquarters and an all-electric delivery vehicle, we are shaping a future that is not just efficient but profoundly responsive to the dynamic needs of our university community. The expansion of our service offerings, including the integration of Software Licensing, adds a new dimension to our capabilities, promising a more comprehensive and streamlined experience for our valued customers. As we look to the future, the unfolding narrative is one of continued evolution, transformation, and an unwavering commitment to making a lasting ImpacT at WashU. Thank you for your trust, partnership, and shared excitement as we embrace the opportunities ahead. Rest assured we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service, continuously improving, and serving you with even greater efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in the years to come. 

David Leisure

Director, WashU IT Technical Services
IT Service Delivery Owner, WashU Danforth Campus