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What’s Happening in EUS: The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team would like to partner with you!

The WashU IT Customer Relationship Management team serves as an advocate for the customer to ensure their needs are conveyed and met. This requires internal coordination. CRM is actively seeking collaboration opportunities and partnerships, directly aligning and supporting our ImpacT guiding principle.

We have enjoyed valuable collaborations with Enterprise Applications (EA), Enterprise Engineering (EE), Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM), Information Technology Support Services (ITSS), the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM), and Concierge Support. We are looking to expand these partnerships to other groups and we hope you will join us.

What to expect when partnering and collaborating with CRM:

• Monthly meeting with CRM

• Regular exchange of information

– What challenges are customers experiencing?
– What are customers in need of?
– How are the major projects going?

• Formal and straightforward escalation pathway to address issues raised by customers.

– Identify which team(s) are to be consulted for specific issues raised and who is the initial point of contact in the group.

• Initial Point of Contact will be responsible for determining which other team member(s) should be involved to ensure customer’s needs are addressed.

• CRM will convene meetings with the Point of Contact(s) to obtain updates on addressing customer needs.

Current collaboration successes

WashU IT Enterprise Applications (EA)
“Working with the End User Services CRM team the past couple of years has been wonderful. The Business Alignment (BAL) team within EA aims to be on the proverbial “front lines” with our customers, working to understand their business needs and issues. By leveraging the information that the CRM team gathers from WUIT’s University partners, the EA BALs can have a more holistic view of our Business Partners thoughts and patterns. It is my aim to grow our partnership even more in the very near future.” -Dan Williams

WashU IT Enterprise Engineering (EE)
“It has been a pleasure working with Tiffany Ruble and Thomas Walker in the upgrade process for MS Office 365 (M365) and Windows 11. They are consistently knowledgeable, insightful, attentive, fast, amiable, and invaluable to work with. They have helped us a great deal in the process by doing the following:

• Generated interest in beginning the M365 upgrade for many departments that they had meetings with.
• Facilitated introductions to departments who were interested in beginning the M365 upgrade.
• Shared their CRM Department Roster to enrich the existing department roster that we had.
• Communicated special needs and ad-hoc requests from departments through the EE – CRM check-ins chat in Teams.” -Craig Luciano & Thomas Bommarito

WashU IT IT Asset Management Program (ITAM)
“The Asset Management Program partner with Thomas and Tiffany to help gain more insight into our stakeholder needs. We meet on a regular cadence to keep them in the loop on program activities that might impact WUIT customers, hear customer feedback they have received and collaborate on engagement and support opportunities. This partnership strengthens not just the Asset Management Program, but the relationship WUIT has with its customers.” -Kristi Lenz

WashU IT Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)
“Collaborating with our CRM team enables us to gather candid feedback from our customers, thereby enhancing our ability to provide more effective responses.” -Kim Rea, Suzanne Pusa, Doug Tihen

Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM)
“Collaborating with the CRM team has been extremely helpful with our IT initiatives. Tiffany and Thomas have well established open lines of communications with all department leaders and utilize these commutation channels to inform and engage customers. and provide valuable feedback to our project team.” -Lisa Wuttig

Concierge Support
“CRM is the best partner for WashU IT to mature. CRM’s regularly scheduled check-in meetings with departmental liaisons provide insightful IT and business-oriented feedback that is shared to enhance the services we already provide. Working with CRM is nothing short of delightful. Thomas and Tiffany are strategic, trusted business partners in the businesses of IT, customer service, and service operations of the University. WashU IT succeeds when Thomas and Tiffany are our voice and ears because they provide real-world user-based feedback on the services we provide, and not just how we in IT assume the product is being used. Thank you, Thomas and Tiffany, for your hard-work, dedication to putting the customer first, and emphasis on process improvement!” -Greg Winkeler

So, join us! Let’s work together, strengthening our relationship and better leveraging information and technology to better support our customers.

Please reach out via the form below and we will arrange a recurring meeting with your group! We will share feedback we have gathered in relation to your group, and we are eager to learn about any new updates or developments from you as well.

JOIN US! – CRM Collaboration Request

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