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Software Licensing transitions to End User Services in July 2023

As of Monday, July 3rd, the Software Licensing team, formerly under WashU IT Admin, has transitioned to the WashU IT Depot. This transition aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our services while better aligning our teams with the evolving needs of our organization.

The Software Licensing team has been an integral part of WashU IT Admin, working diligently to manage and oversee all aspects of software licensing, procurement, and compliance across our organization. They have played a crucial role in ensuring that our software tools and applications are properly licensed, thereby supporting our operations and providing a reliable digital environment.

With this integration into the WashU IT Depot service, the Software Licensing team will continue to provide their expertise in software licensing while operating within a broader framework that includes end-user support, device management, and technology adoption. This consolidation will enable us to streamline our processes, increase collaboration, and ultimately deliver a more seamless experience to our users.

Throughout this transition, we are committed to maintaining the highest service standards and minimizing potential disruptions. The Software Licensing team members will seamlessly become a part of the End-User Services department, bringing with them their wealth of knowledge and experience in software licensing management. They will work closely with their new colleagues to ensure a smooth handover and continued delivery of exceptional support. This evolution of services in the WashU IT Depot will allow for a wider scope of responsibilities and will be better equipped to address your technology needs comprehensively. Whether you require assistance with software procurement, license renewals, or client computing hardware and accessories procurement, the WashU IT Depot will be your point of contact moving forward.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional IT services.