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Seeking Your Creativity: Help Name Information Security’s Five-Year Roadmap

The Office of Information Security’s recent adoption of a five-year roadmap is a critical part of ImpacT, the IT Strategic Plan. It supports our commitment to protecting and empowering the university community. We believe that a compelling name can help us communicate its importance and generate more interest.

What better way to come up with a creative name than to invite about 1,000 people to participate in a healthy contest, and offering a sweet prize?

To submit your idea, please fill out this form by Friday, May 12th. We’ll review all submissions and select the top 5-10 names that best align with the program’s goals. These names will be put up for voting in an upcoming edition of Tuesday Tech, and the name with the most votes will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

To clarify, we’re not renaming the Office of Information Security, but we need your help in selecting a creative name for its 5-year roadmap.

What is the InfoSec Roadmap? The Information Security Roadmap is a comprehensive plan focused on empowering users with secure and user-friendly technology solutions that protect sensitive information and systems. It consists of more than 100 initiatives across six key areas, and the InfoSec team integrates effective security measures seamlessly into users’ workflows to reduce unnecessary obstacles and allow for efficient work.

Through collaboration and innovation with university stakeholders, our goal is to create a culture of responsible information stewardship throughout the university community. Our team includes representatives from central and distributed IT experts and stakeholders across the university. Together, we are developing, implementing, and delivering secure and easy-to-use processes and technology solutions that support our shared mission of empowering users while protecting sensitive information.

The ideal name should emphasize that Information Security’s mission is to protect and empower the university community and our institution.

Roll up your sleeves and start typing your ideas. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Feeling stuck? Warm up with more information about the program and suggestions we had during a brainstorming session (none of them will be considered for the contest).

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.