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Coming Soon: CyberArk for Server Administration

Last Fall, WashU IT’s Identity and Access Management team (IAM) adopted CyberArk as a tool to manage privileged access across the University. CyberArk is a leader in privileged access management solutions that help organizations secure their most critical assets and data. The CyberArk application will be used at WashU for secure password storage and/or management, automatic password rotation, server administrator access, and more.  

WashU’s adoption of CyberArk will increase protection for our most critical credentials. Senior Infrastructure Architect Ken Koch remarked, “With CyberArk in place, we’re able to rotate passwords on our sensitive accounts almost immediately after use. This helps reduce our exposure to lateral movement attacks.”

The cutover date for mandatory use of CyberArk for system administration is May 19, 2023. Server administrators have received an email with more information about how to use CyberArk to access their systems, including new personal secondary accounts that will be used for server administration to systems (replacing the WUSTL Key for this purpose) and CyberArk video tutorials. If you are a system administrator on a WashU IT Managed Server, but have not received the email with the more information, please contact the project team.

The project will address WashU IT customers first, and will expand into other schools and departments on July 1st. If you are interested in this service but are unsure how it applies to you, please reach out to the project team.

To familiarize yourself with the project and frequently asked questions, visiting the Privileged Access Management Project webpage. For questions, contact the project team.