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Welcome to the Hub of WashU IT: News To Know

The office space at 4480 Clayton is now serving as the hub for WashU IT. For those not already working from 4480, we invite and encourage you use this space to work, visit, network, and collaborate.  

By consolidating multiple work locations into the WashU IT hub, an open, welcoming, and collaborative space for all WashU IT staff and contractors, we hope you will enjoy new opportunities to connect with peers across the organization, reminisce about our pre-covid days, and enjoy some free coffee from the kitchen.

For those who are fully remote or co-located with the students, faculty, staff, clinicians, researchers, and patients we serve, we encourage you to stop by anytime and using the hub as needed or desired. 

We have curated a great deal of information on the WashU IT Operating Model webpage containing useful tidbits for your continued work at 4480, return to 4480, or your initial 4480 Clayton experience. 

These include, but are not limited to:

Coffee and Copy Room Supplies Commuting via MetroLink Equipment and Furniture Kitchens and Dining OptionsParking Printing Reserving Conference Rooms Shared Workspaces

WashUIT Administrative Coordinators are on-site at 4480 Clayton on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to answer any building or facility questions or issues, address office supply needs, or help with general administrative assistance. ​​​Just stop by cubicles 1400A and 1400D.