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At-a-Glance Team Documents

Additional team-focused IT at-a-glance documents are here. They’re an introduction for new and existing IT staff who want to learn about WashU IT,  quick references about services each team provides, background about how to request work, information about team leadership, and how to view active work different teams have on their docket.  

This content will be incorporated into the IT onboarding process for new hires, and should help us improve our Operating Rhythm (how tools, process, and people come together to get work done) in this newer hybrid environment.

The following teams are covered in the second batch of at-a-glance documents that have been released:

* Access Management
* Student Technology Services
* Tech Den
* Systems and Procedures (Workday)
* Customer Relationship Management
* Danforth Deskside Assistance
* Quality Assurance

Again, these documents are for internal use only as reference guides for IT staff. In the coming months you’ll receive additional communications as more teams’ at-a-glance documents are added to Box.

These documents are part of an ongoing process to collaboratively develop and implement work intake and tracking solutions that represent and support the way in which all of our teams operate. 

A cross functional team, representing the entirety of WashU IT, is working on process improvements around IT portfolio management.

If you have questions or feedback, email