Order a New Computer, Accessories, or Hardware Move

Faculty and Staff

Order a new computer, laptop or accessories via the ServiceNow Catalog.

For items not listed, including tablets, complete the Custom Client Hardware and Software form or Custom Hardware Accessories form.

To request hardware moved, please submit the General Service Request form.

Information about and a guide on how to use ServiceNow can be found on the ServiceNow How To page.


The Tech Den website provides the minimum and recommended specifications that laptops should meet, to provide a central location for specific requirements that the individual WashU schools may have, as well as to provide links to purchase specific models that meet those requirements. 

Loaner Laptops

WashU IT teams have a limited number of loaner laptops that are available for departments to request for the following uses:

  • Temporary laptop while their assigned device is being fixed
  • Short-term loan request for travel or event
  • Other usage approved by the WashU IT team

    Note: loaner laptops available from the WashU IT team are for WashU Staff usage only. Requests for student, classroom, or other personnel use will not be fulfilled.

You can submit a request by selecting the Loaner Laptop catalog item in ServiceNow, calling 314-933-3333, or sending an email to ITHelp@wustl.edu with the number of loaners you need, reason needed, and who it is for. Please note that every request for a loaner is subject to review and approval by the WashU IT deskside team based upon the requested usage.

Due to COVID-19, the WashU IT teams temporarily allowed loaners to be requested for work from home purposes. This option is no longer available as that pool of loaners has been exhausted. We recommend that departments purchase new equipment through the ServiceNow catalog to meet their work from home needs.

If you pick up a loaner while on campus, you need to log on to it before you leave campus. Otherwise, you will need to contact support to log in your first time at 314-933-3333.

Depot News

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A custom order was placed for me. Is there any way to check on the status of this order?

You can view the status of your request as it progresses through the Service Now request. If…

Are the 24” Standard Monitors listed on the ordering form Epic compliant?

Yes, the 24” Standard Monitors in IT Depot stock are all Epic compliant.

Can I request a custom order for a device that is not Dell or Apple?

Yes. However, due to our single-source purchasing agreement, there must be a business…

How do you come up with the selections that are available to purchase from IT Depot stock?

The IT Depot analyzes all computer equipment purchased by WashU from Dell and Apple…

How does billing for custom orders differ from standard orders coming from IT Depot stock?

Standard Orders coming from Depot Stock: After Checkout, the items and price will be sent…

I need something other than what is listed on the ServiceNow catalog, what do I do?

There is an option to select “Custom Client Hardware and Software” in the ServiceNow catalog…

If I order a stock item listed in the ServiceNow catalog, how long will it take to receive it?

The IT Depot typically fulfills requests within 1-3 business days after the order has been…

If I order an item that is a custom order, how long will it take to receive it?

After your department approves the request, fulfillment times vary based upon the vendor…

Is there a warranty that comes with equipment from the IT Depot?

All standard Dell laptops and desktops are purchased with a standard 5-year warranty…

What if I need assistance completing the ordering form?

Please call the Service Desk at 314-933-3333 and they will assist you.

What if I need to contact the IT Depot directly?

For questions directed to the IT Depot, please email ITDepot@wustl.edu

What if I want a different warranty type or length?

The IT Depot can assist with creating a custom order with a different warranty type/length…

Where does the IT Depot deliver the equipment that is requested?

Almost all orders are delivered to a local tech hub. A Field Tech will contact the customer to…

Will the selections available change?

Yes. As technology and the WashU environment changes, so will the selections. The IT Depot…