laptop open with ServiceNow showing on the screen

WashU IT uses the ServiceNow platform for technology ticketing and IT asset management. Your IT interactions, including break support, fix support and requests for services, are all logged and tracked in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Offers Many Benefits, Including:

  • Interactions with an IT support provider will generate an email notification to you from WUSTL ServiceNow,, and will include a targeted link to the self-service portal that allows you to track your service ticket, progress and resolution. You will be prompted to login with your WUSTL Key and password to view your tickets.
  • An easy method to update your ticket with additional information and/or stay abreast of changes
  • Improved incident tracking and service request resolution
  • A shared knowledge base to help customers and support staff with services that WashU IT supports
  • Ability to manage and plan for IT assets throughout their lifecycle
  • Robust reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Greater automation and self-service ability, which means less time spent talking with IT support providers


ServiceNow Self-Service Portal Quick Start Guide (PDF): High-level overview of the self-service portal

ServiceNow – Checking your Requests and Incidents (video): A 1.5-minute video on how to check the status of requests and incidents that you submit on behalf of someone else or yourself. Also covered is how to message the technicians to check on the status or request information.

Adding a Delegate in ServiceNow (video): For approvers to add a delegate to review approval requests on their behalf when they are out of the office or unavailable

ServiceNow Self-Service Portal User Guide (PDF): Detailed guide on using the self-service portal

ServiceNow – Ordering Services and Equipment (video): A 3.5-minute video on how to order services and equipment

Approvals in ServiceNow Guide (PDF): The topics covered are:

  • The approvers
  • Checking to see if your request is pending approval, and if so, from whom
  • For approvers – Locating pending approval requests, viewing and approving or rejects requests, and adding a delegate to review approval requests on your behalf

Legacy System

The legacy ServiceNow Portal——is used for the following:

  • Brown School Service Center requests
  • Brown School Facilities requests
  • HR Benefits for internal work management
  • HR Operations
  • Shared Business Services Hub requests
  • WUSM Facilities requests

ServiceNow Training for ITIL Users

Looking for ServiceNow ITIL user training, quick guides, and more? See ServiceNow Training for ITIL Users.