May 1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training launched

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training that was mentioned in the April 16 Tuesday Tech Newsletter launched on May 1. The training is designed to equip IT support staff with the necessary skills to effectively assess and enhance customer satisfaction. The CRM training is an interactive session that includes: Required annually for End User Services […]

Strengthening Customer Support: WashU IT CRM Team

The WashU IT Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team provides exceptional customer support by building strong relationships and facilitating effective communication. “We are your partners in ensuring that your needs are met, and your feedback is heard. Our role is to act as the bridge between you and IT, advocating for your concerns and working to […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training Launching in May

An upcoming training opportunity to enhance our collective efforts in providing exceptional service will launch in May. The training module, Achieving Service Excellence – The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Component is designed to equip IT support staff with the necessary skills to assess and enhance customer satisfaction effectively. What to Expect The CRM training is […]

Tech Team Career Crossover Program Update

It’s been an exciting journey since the Tech Team Career Crossover Program launched in July 2023. The program, designed to increase collaboration and enhance troubleshooting efficiency, has exceeded expectations. In its initial phase, the program brought together the WashU IT Service Desk and Danforth Deskside teams. The technicians trained, shadowed, and then walked in each […]

WashU IT Launches Tech Team Career Crossover Program

In July, the WashU IT Service Desk and Deskside teams launched the Tech Team Career Crossover program. The objective of the program is to enhance the customer experience through improved collaboration and more effective troubleshooting. This will increase the rate of first-call resolution among technicians, ensuring a customer’s needs are addressed the first time they […]

Strengthening the Partnership Between the WashU IT Service Desk and Deskside Teams

Walking a mile in another’s shoes just became more than a metaphor with the IT Service Desk and Deskside teams. In July, the Tech Team Career Crossover program launched. This initiative aspires to build stronger relationships, bridge knowledge gaps, and better facilitate department collaboration in order to deliver better IT services to our WashU community. […]

Zoom and Teams Rooms – Elevating the Audio-Visual Experience

In today’s digital age, effective communication and seamless collaboration are vital to achieving our goals. Recognizing this, WashU IT has established five Zoom Rooms (1403, 2403, 1407, 2407, and 2408) and one Teams Room (2504) at 4480 Clayton Ave., aiming to enhance the audio-visual experience. Zoom and Teams Rooms bridge the gap between in-person and […]

July 19: A New Generation of Qualtrics Widgets

Qualtrics has introduced a new generation of widgets to provide consistent and accessible widgets with improved visualizations. To simplify and consolidate our widget offerings, Qualtrics is removing three legacy widgets from the Add Widget menu on July 19, 2023. This means you will no longer be able to add/create these legacy widgets in dashboards. We […]

June 29: Indicate Your Preferred Method of Contact for IT Support Follow-Up Questions

To further provide accessible IT support for the WashU community, WashU IT will be adding an option for users to indicate phone or email as their preferred method of contact for follow-up questions should they arise from IT support staff. Read below to see what you can expect once this option is implemented on June […]