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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training Launching in May

An upcoming training opportunity to enhance our collective efforts in providing exceptional service will launch in May. The training module, Achieving Service Excellence – The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Component is designed to equip IT support staff with the necessary skills to assess and enhance customer satisfaction effectively.

What to Expect

The CRM training is an interactive session that includes:

  • Defining CRM and its significance in our service delivery
  • Identifying the members of the CRM Team
  • Establishing clear expectations for engaging with the CRM Team

Why It Matters

“The CRM Team bridges the gap between the customer and IT. This training aims to familiarize IT staff with the team and enhance collaboration,” says Rick Herman, Executive Director of End User Services

While the training will be required annually for EUS staff only, we believe it’s a vital tool for all IT support staff to deepen their understanding of Customer Relationship Management and its implications for our work.

How to Get Involved

More details will be communicated once the training becomes available. We encourage all IT support staff to participate in this training opportunity to strengthen our collective commitment to service excellence. More information about the CRM Team can also be found on the WashU IT Customer Relationship Management webpage.

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