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July 19: A New Generation of Qualtrics Widgets

Qualtrics has introduced a new generation of widgets to provide consistent and accessible widgets with improved visualizations. To simplify and consolidate our widget offerings, Qualtrics is removing three legacy widgets from the Add Widget menu on July 19, 2023. This means you will no longer be able to add/create these legacy widgets in dashboards. We encourage you to instead adopt a new generation of widgets that are available through the Add Widget menu.

Here is a list of legacy widgets and their replacements:

What action do I need to take?
If you are already using new updated widgets, no action is necessary. If you are still using legacy widgets from the Deprecated section (such as the Legacy Trends, Legacy Word Cloud, or Legacy Pie), start using the updated widgets.

Note: Any Legacy Trends, Legacy Word Cloud, and Legacy Pie widgets you’ve already created are not being removed from your Qualtrics dashboards. Qualtrics will provide a communication in advance of when these legacy widgets are to be removed from dashboards.