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Student Technology Services (STS): April Fool’s Event: A Playful Twist on “Free Apple”

April Fool’s Day at WashU often brings a playful spirit, and this year, Student Technology Services (STS) took the opportunity to join in the fun with a creative prank that left students both amused and delighted. 

STS decided to host a giveaway advertised as offering “free apple products” to students. The announcement sparked curiosity and excitement among the student body, as many anticipated receiving coveted tech gadgets. 

However, upon arriving at the designated location, students were greeted not with the sleek electronic devices they had anticipated, but rather with a wholesome surprise – literal apples, the fruit. The playful twist on the word “apple” elicited laughter and good-natured amusement from the students, who appreciated the cleverness of the prank. 

But the fun didn’t end there. The students were entered into a raffle for a chance to win an AirTag, adding an extra layer of excitement. While the prank may not have delivered the anticipated gadgets, it succeeded in fostering a sense of community and lightheartedness on campus.