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Tech Den Extends Service Desk Hours to Better Serve Graduate and Professional Students 

Starting last month, Tech Den has extended service desk hours during the semester to offer a greater level of support to the busy community of graduate, professional, and non-residential students it serves. New academic semester hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and noon-6 p.m. Saturday.

 “This strategic move reflects our IT values and aspirations outlined in our ImpacT IT Strategic Plan,” said Sherry Holmes, Director of Student Tech Services. “It is not merely an operational adjustment but a manifestation of our commitment to delivering customer-centric service, ensuring that all students have access to technology that enhances their academic success.” 

 Aligned with our vision to deliver excellent customer service, the extension of service desk hours demonstrates Tech Den’s dedication to meeting the needs of the diverse clientele, particularly graduate and professional students with busy schedules. By providing extended support hours, Tech Den is prioritizing accessibility and responsiveness, ensuring that students can access the assistance they need when they need it. 

 Moreover, this initiative aligns seamlessly with our aspirational stakeholders’ experiences, ensuring that modern, secure, and mobile-compatible technologies are tailored to the needs of our diverse student population. Recognizing the importance of technology in academic success, Tech Den is committed to offering comprehensive technical support that empowers students to navigate their academic and professional endeavors with confidence. 

 “Through extending our hours, Tech Den is directly contributing to the outcome outlined in ImpacT by enabling technology, fueling excellence in research, education, and patient care by supporting students in need,” said Scott Markovich, Assistant Director of Tech Den.