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Contacting IT for Support

Have you contacted the Service Desk about an issue you’re having, and wondered what happens after that?

As outlined on the What Happens When You Contact IT for Support webpage, a Service Desk technician must determine whether your email, phone call, or issue submitted through the self-service portal is an incident (an unplanned interruption to a service or a reduction in the quality of a service) or a service request (a request for equipment or services).

Why do technicians have to classify my contact as an incident or a request?

Properly classifying your email, phone call and portal submission for an issue ensures that the right people are engaged at the right time to address your issue or fulfill your request.

Where can I find more information?

You will receive emails from ServiceNow along the way – when an incident or request is opened on your behalf, communication from a technician, and updates.

What Happens When You Contact IT for Support includes other information you may be interested in – response times, how we prioritize incidents, the approvals process for requested equipment and services, and target resolution times (when you can expect your incident to be resolved).

What Happens When You Contact IT for Support can also be found in ServiceNow emails.

Interested in learning more about the ServiceNow Self-Service Portal? Go to the WashU IT ServiceNow webpage for a link to the user guide.

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