Step 1

Customer Contacts the Service Desk

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Email | Phone Call | Web Request (ServiceNow)

ServiceNow Record Created

This is known as an “Interaction Record” in ServiceNow.

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The customer receives a notification that an Interaction Record has been opened, confirming the request for support has been received.

Step 2
Step 3

Incident or Service Request

The technician determines if this is an incident or service request and converts the Interaction Record accordingly. The process takes different paths based on this determination.

Status or general inquiries will be answered directly or forwarded to the necessary representative.


An unplanned interruption to a service or a reduction in the quality of a service

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Customer is notified when an incident is created.

Step 4 Incident


The technician prioritizes the incident based on the information provided.

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Customer is notified whenever the priority changes.

Incident step 5


The technician will either begin troubleshooting the incident or assign it to the IT department that manages the affected service.

Customer participation may be needed while troubleshooting.

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Customer is notified on status changes.

Incident step 6


When a resolution is determined, a technician will contact the customer to provide guidance, confirm the fix, and request approval to resolve the incident.

Service Request

A request from a customer that initiates a service action which is a normal part of service delivery

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Customer is notified when a service request is created.

Request Step 4


If required, the request is submitted to the appropriate approvers.

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Request step 5


The department fulfilling the request completes it within the targeted time to deliver (Service Level Expectations).

Services with SLEs
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Customer is notified on status changes.

Request step 6

Customer Request Fulfilled