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Workday Orientation Training for New Hires

Submitted by Brian Schuler

There is a lot that goes into starting a new job at Washington University. From setting up a WUSTL key, finishing onboarding, to getting your badge and all your access to multitude of Box and network folders. For some of us, there is this system called Workday, which seems new to many at the university. Let’s not even get started about the physical campuses themselves. The medical school campus with the various overhead walkways, hospitals, and even secret tunnels makes things even more confusing for a new hire. 

In cooperation with the Workday and the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Team, the Systems and Procedures team is now offering Workday Orientation Training. During the training class, participants receive 30 minutes of instruction followed by 30 minutes of question and answer time. The course goes through the navigation of Workday and helps with locating where to change benefit related questions, where to enter your time and absences, as well as where to go for support. To accommodate the different learning styles of each individual, the orientation meeting will be conducted via Zoom and incorporate slides, demonstrations, and visual aids.

In addition, the team that provides the training consists of the same team members that answer phone calls to the 314-935-WDAY line. That gives you the opportunity to put a face to those names on the phone. Our technicians providing the training are Stephanie Philipps and Charles Anderson, our Application Support II technicians.

While the training is geared towards new hires, anyone is welcome to sign-up for the training.  The Workday orientation training is found in Learn@Work, the name of the training is “WD-Workday Orientation”

For any questions, please reach out to the support team at 314-935-WDAY (9329).